Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's been a day!

So. Today. Ethan and I went to the library. Got some books from my summer authors list. Played in the puppets with Ethan. Told him a story using puppets. (Made the story up, as I am wont to do when he just hands me puppets and says, "Tell me a story about these guys, Mommy") Played in the Village Green park with him for a while. Walked around the Village Green. Went home. Played in the sandbox for a while. Got hot. Hethan begged to go inside and watch TV. Eh. So I let him. I sat out on the deck, soaking up some freckle rays. Then he decided that he wanted to come outside. Only our french doors stick. So I kicked them a little to help him. And ran the door right over his toes. OUCHIE!

Then his cousins came over. And I went to my preliminary individual counseling appointment. Sigh. Emotionally exhausted, can you say? How the heck do those psych dr.s see so much? Sheesh! "You're a stuffer. You stuff your anger deep inside. You're out of touch with who you really are. You don't allow yourself to feel. I think that you need to learn how to acknowledge your anger." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And here I always thought that my control was a good thing. I always thought that I was fairly open and appeared to be a happy person. Apparently not. Annnyyyyhooooow!

So, when I got home, Ethan and I were playing a little. He was running inside and tumbled. He has a rug burn on his knee now.

My (step)dad called, said he was in our neck of the woods, on the way home to Georgia from a funeral in Toledo. So he came to eat supper with us. But I had to run to the store before he got there... needed bread product. Hethan fell asleep in the car, and slept against my arms the entire 15 minutes in the grocery cart. Finished there, made it home to fix supper. Steak, potatoes, peas, salad, bread. Decent supper. Afterwards, Aaron and Hethan went outside to play baseball, while dad and I visited a little. Suddenly, A and H come in, Hethan SOBBING! Turns out he pitched a ball to Daddy. Daddy hit the ball. Right into Hethan's head. It was a real baseball. A real wooden bat. Hethan has a knot on his forehead.

So, let's recap. First, I hurt the kiddo's toes. Then he gave himself a rug burn. Then Daddy hit a baseball to his head. It's been a day for the little guy.I think it's been a day for me too. I'm done. :)


Chris said...

Ouch kiddo! I came within an inch of taking one of the noggin tonight myself. He can join me in the walking wounded department. After my game tonight, I have a bruised knee, a sore thumb, and several sore muscles. He's a tough little kid, he'll be fine. Just think, one day he'll be big enough to pay you back!

...and as you can tell from my rambling incoherent post, I'm also rather tired!

Emily said...

It's alright...remember I about broke my childs leg and let him fall into the pool and drown all in one day! No biggy. They bounce right back.

Chad Burdette said...

Kids remember these things so when he puts you in the abusive retirement home...remember this day and you will know that it is just payback for when he was young.

Anonymous said...

well for all the bruising day both for you and the Hethan you can take solace in knowing that your stepdad came home and raved about the dinner and how much he enjoyed the visit:) love ya, it was GOOD! to be able to get a hug from you. Mom