Tuesday, May 30, 2006

House Envy

We just got in yesterday from a trip to Georgia, a loooong overdue trip. I got to see most of my family, learned that my stepsister and her husband are expecting a child, and got to see my brother's new house! Oh my!!

Now, I seldom have house envy. Oh, I did when we were living in an apartment. But since buying our house nearly three years ago, I have been content with my home. I've enjoyed making it into my home and have recently started on the landscaping. Then, I went to see Jon and April's new home. OH MY!

First of all, April is an artist, and she picked out some lovely colors for her walls. She and I have similar tastes, and I have told her that when we buy or build our dream home, she is picking out the colors for the walls. Anyhow, April has a great eye for decorating and placement. We both have spatial intelligence. We're spatial. Very spatial. (If you say that with a hick accent, it sounds like we're special. Very special)So even though the house was still full of boxes and stuff that needed to find a new home, it was possible to see how beautiful it was all going to be.

Hardwood floors. Cherry kitchen cabinets. Deck. Loft. 3.5 bathrooms. Finished basement. Hidey places in closets. I LOVE THIS HOUSE!!

Even Aaron, who doesn't want a new house, wants a new house after seeing their house. Sigh.

So I got on the web last night and began to look for houses in the area. Bleh. Either postage stamp size yards (we currently have a half an acre) or planned communities-- which equals rules that Aaron and I probably would have a hard time keeping.

Well, I will get over my house envy soon, I'm sure. But only because I'm going back to Georgia and moving in with my brother! :):) tee hee! Just kidding!


Emily said...

House envy is easy to have. I love my new house but I can always find something I like better!

Funny about the spatial - special thing. As I was reading your entry, I was thinkging the same thing...hee hee.

Have a good one.

Kris said...

you are very spatial, and special...:)
house envy is rough, especially when you really want to be happy for them, and all you feel is envious and resentful...i guess that goes with all types of envy though...probably why 'do not covet' is one of the top ten commandments.

Cmommy said...

(Thanks for the "congrats"! I need to scroll further down and find out about your job!)

Yup, house envy bites. So, you'll need to paint a few walls this summer! A guaranteed mood-improver!