Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mean Running Machine

Can I just say that I ran just over 3 miles in 37.5 minutes today? For me, that's good. That's averaging about 5 mph. Really though, I did a few minutes at 4 mph, and a few minutes at 6mph too. Even one minute at 6.5 mph. So that's the running part.

Here's the mean part.

I'm tired. So extremely tired. I feel like I've been waking up after a long sleep. I feel like I'm learning how to experience emotions again. For a very very very long time, I have repressed my emotions, at least negative ones, and have "swallowed" them. For a long time. Well you know what? I'm tired of swallowing them. So if I have a negative emotion, I'm going to let it show. At least within reason :) I mean, I'm not going to fly off and murder anyone... but if something gets on my nerves, I'm gonna let you know. No more cutting me down because in the past I've rolled over and taken it. No more snide comments or veiled threats.... I won't take it any more! Power to Jenette! I am WOMAN!!! Wooooomaaaan!!! HA! So take that, Tiffany!

Ok. Angel Star, if you're reading this tonight, you stop giggling, RIGHT NOW! I won't have it, you understand? :) And to everyone else, well, if you remember my post a looooong time ago about an co worker's evil twin, Tiffany--- well, she was out today, and it made me MAAAAAAAD! But I'm ok now. Food helps. Running helps. But I'm serious. I'm not swallowing those negative emotions anymore. So while I'll still be sweet and funny Jenette, be prepared for a Jenette who looks you in the eye and tells you, "I didn't like what you just said/did, etc. It made me angry."

Off to shovel mulch now! Yay!!


Anonymous said...

You go Girl!! Don't take that from her and I personally think you did a really wonderful job standing up for yourself today.

Love ya, Angel Star

Cmommy said...

Jenette, I'll be watching and learning from the empowered you! I still turn, too many times, to the m&m bag when I am stressed/angry/sad/confused/tired.

hey, I accepted a job today: PreK teacher at a private preschool. !! I'm a bit sad to give up the prestigious public school Kindergarten search, but I think this job is a good fit for my family and schedule. How would I blog if I was at school all day??!! (Um, to answer your question, I do NOT get enough sleep! Come August, that must change!)

huge hugs, Chrissy
ps: everydaymommy & I want to plan an IRL this summer. wanna come?!

Emily said...

As we agreed earlier...I'm pretty sure we tell it straight up to each other. But more power to those other people that make you mad...they don't know what's coming! Love ya

Anonymous said...

yeah buddy! Sure am glad I don't think I am going to be on the receiving end :) love ya baby, always and forever, amen. Mom

Chad Burdette said...

I remember those days when I could do that...plan to join a gym ASAP when I move...I am outta shape