Sunday, May 21, 2006

Observations from the Psych Ward

I recently spent a little bit of time on the psych ward in a hospital. Did anyone else figure that I might be a little bit depressed, post partum and all that? Hmm... I was the only one in denial? Oh. Oh well. Annnnnyhow, when they evaluate you for psychological stress, they do it in the Psych Ward, so that you can meet with a lot of doctors and other healthcare professionals. It is an experience, to say the least.

So, here are some of my observations from my short time on the Psych Floor (which is a lockdown floor...)

1. I smell like dust. And flowers. This from the man who kept walking past me as I sat and waited and told me that I smelled like flowers. And dust.
2. Pet rats are also sometimes guinea pigs. And they need to be fed. Or else Vicki will be yelling about it for the rest of her life.
3. Creepy guys with tatoos on their forehead are best avoided, especially when they begin a conversation with "If they took blood from you and blood from me, they'd find that we're all related. You're pretty."
4. When someone offers to show you their gun, a double barrel glock, and you KNOW that glocks don't have double barrels, then it's best not to encourage the conversation. Because they're not REALLY talking about guns. And you DON'T REALLY want to see the gun that they're talking about.
5. You might think that you're better than these "crazy" people you see walking around, whether on the psych floor or somewhere else, but the truth is, you're only one step away from where they are.

I debated about whether or not to share that I spent some time on the Psych Ward, but in the end, well, it was too good not to write about. So bleh.

In other news, my mulch gets delivered tomorrow. I put down some landscape edging this afternoon. I can't wait to put the finishing touches on some areas. I still need to finish my rock wall. Of course, it has rained for hmmm... the past 10 days... so I'm gonna try to get motivated this week.

Have a good day!


Emily said...

hey girl! I can just picture all of this happening. My psych rotations in school made me feel the same way. Though the hallucination people are also pretty creepy. Especially when you are tring to talk to them (like the instructor tells us too) and they are too busy caring on a conversation with who knows who in the upper left corner of the room. Oh well. I guess that's why i went into OB

Cmommy said...

Well, "dusty flowers" is sort of a romantic scent, right?!

How you doin' today? (Joey Tribiani echoing in my head this AM) C

sarah cool said...

Jenetter, my favorite redhead, only you could turn this situation into the funniest thing I have seen today. I love ya!