Thursday, May 25, 2006


It must be summer. I can't sleep.

Or it could be the day I had. The conversation I had with the director of my school. The sticking by my guns of not coming back, at least not for the summer. That took more bravery than I thought I had in me. Even when she told me that a number of parents have requested that their children be placed in my classroom. Even when she told me that I was too valuable to lose permanently. So I compromised just a little and said that I would discuss the fall with her in the next few weeks.

Or it could be that I desperately want to run right now. But I'm not going outside to run at 12:00 at night. I want to get in the ZONE and push myself to 7 mph right now. And then I'd like to go some more, perhaps push myself to four miles instead of three. I don't even want chocolate these days. I just want to sweat it all out. Though, admittedly, I'd never turn down chocolate. :)

Magnum P.I. is on. It is all so cheesy. I love Magnum P.I. Tom Selleck. Ahhhh. Facial hair. Jeans. Hawaii. I definitely appreciate the show. Tonight has a female character named Sunshine. Oh joy. And Carol is in trouble. And Thomas has to rescue her. Ahhhh. More joy. Ooooh, double barrel shotgun being shot by the mad bad guy! Carol just fell and twisted her ankle!! OH NO!!! What will happen? Commercial break!

Ok. Enough of the blow by blow description of MPI. Catch it for yourselves! :)

I might attempt sleep soon.

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ylmurph said...

facial hair? really? a mustache?