Friday, June 30, 2006

Vermont Bound

We're leaving today to go visit some friends in Vermont! "Auntie Mel, Uncle Jerry, and Little Aiden, right, Mommy?" is what Ethan has been saying all week. I keep telling him that "Little Aiden" is not a baby anymore and that they may have a good time playing together.

After we visit with our friends for a few days, we're going to go camping. It's the Hethan's first ever camping trip. He helped to pick out the tent, his own sleeping bag, and of course, a canteen for water. I'm excited about the tent... my youth girls and I set it up in our living room on Sunday-- we camped out in the living room that night-- and it's HUGE! Three rooms! Two doors. Windows. Quite excited! I have to get s'more fixins. :):)

Anyhow, we'll be back next Saturday. I don't know if I'll have internet access anywhere along the trip, or if I'll have time to blog. So, have a safe and happy Fourth of July and the week that follows.

My cousin's birthday is on July 4th, so I'd like to wish Jordan a happy birthday in advance! And Grandpa's birthday is July 6th, so I'll be remembering him that day and mentally putting flowers on his grave.

Happy trails! I'm off to the MOUNTAINS!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!


Emily said...

Do you realize you actually called Ethan by his real name once in this entry and not Hethan the entire time:) Just an observation.

sarah cool said...

Happy Trails! hahah! :-) Hope your trip is just what you need.

Love ya