Thursday, July 20, 2006

Art and more

I think I mentioned earlier that we had guests in over the weekend. Lots of guys. Fraternity National Officers. Fun group, they are! Just a few fun points from the weekend:

Shannon brought me Cheer! He works for P&G. He has been trying to convert me from Purex to something better. He has. Life is good. Cheer is good. Seriously, folks, it works better. Your clothes don't fade as badly. Trust me on this. Shannon also gave me lots of giggles and lots of Texas Hold Em time! :) See, Shan, you're soooo worth mentioning. :)

Tyler became the naked Wookie. Tyler has had a long bushy beard for as long as I've known him. Nickname-- Wookie. He showed up at my house with a naked face. SHOCK!!

Josh entered the scary world of conversation with Ethan about Joe the cat. I don't know what all they said, but I do know that Ethan gave Josh lots of words to hear.

Consuelo teased the Hethan and helped him to remote tickle Mommy. Unforgivable. He also made me giggle uncontrollably.

Alex fixed my light switch! YAY! Only, I got so used to a backwards switch that I'm having to retrain myself!

And Chad! Ethan's hero. The SuperMan himself. Scooby doo player. Artist extraordinaire. Chad, you may babysit my child any time.

Boys. Such fun.


Shannon Wagers said...

Glad you liked the Cheer.... Tide is even better though... especially when it comes to cleaning the Hethan's clothes... waitaminute... I forget he's a commando !

Tyler said...

Just remember ... I'm always full of surprises!

You and Ethan should come visit us in Findlay some time. Rachel and I are dying for a kid to play with so we can go play at the park on the really cool playsets!

Chad Burdette said...

unfortunatly th epic does not show the happy little tree I drew along with the portrait of Tyler..oh well

was also impressed with you teaching Ethan the alphabet in reverse...I skill that will definiately come in useful when he is old enough to have adult beverages ;-)