Thursday, July 13, 2006

People Who Need People....

There are times in my life that I could very well be a hermit (or is it hermitess?). I don't mind being alone. Really alone, that is. Not alone with someone. Just alone. I could live in a one room cabin with a woodstove up in the mountains and be content. For a while, anyhow.

But I've come to the conclusion that I am one of those people who need people (Barbara Streisand would be retching to hear me sing my rendition of that song). (Speaking of which, did anyone see the terribly unflattering photo of her in one of the gossip rags? Aaron dislikes Ms. Streisand, but I still hold that she has one of the most unique voices ever and that her voice appeals to me.)Back on topic.

Being one of those people who apparently needs people but is actually a bit shy on the inside (yes, really. It's all a good act.)I have made two giant leaps during the past month in my personal life. I'm quite proud of these leaps and am becoming increasingly pleased with the results of these leaps.

My first leap was to join a Mommy Meet Up group. I applied for membership, scoured the message boards and tried to get a feel for the group. Then I went to an event. Cold. Didn't KNOW anyone, except my Hethan. We actually had a good time. So I went to another event. Had an even better time! Officially joined the group (you get a trial period) and went to a babysitting co-op meeting. OH MY!!! This meeting was grand! Fun! Productive! Somehow, I got roped into writing up the general profile, family information, and assumptions of the group. I didn't mind. It was fun. And now I feel as though I am making new friends that I can enjoy.

My second leap was to reach out in my neighborhood to get to know others. As a result, we are hosting a cook out next week with a few of our neighbors. These are neighbors that have been here as long as we have, but we've just now started to get to know each other. I went to deliver the cook out invitation to our newest neighbors yesterday. They have a four year old boy that Hethan is fascinated with. So we ended up drinking coffee and doing Karaoke while the kids played. I love microphones! I love singing! I love laughing! WOW! Then they came over to our house for lunch and playing on the playset. We moms managed to talk the entire time and have become fast friends. All because I reached beyond my boundaries and took a risk to get to know someone!

I feel exhilarated! I feel euphoric! I think I'm going to try this reaching out thing more often. Getting out of my box kinda thing.

But don't be surprised if I still retreat to that cabin in the mountains frequently. I still need my hermit time. :)


Anonymous said...

I believe your life as a hermit would be short lived unless internet access and cell phone towers were available:) I for one, could NEVER be a hermit. I need running water, shopping, indoor plumbing and people. At least a few:)

Chad Burdette said...

Is there a 12 step program I can buy...with Living in ALbany and not knowing anyone I could use the pointers.

Martiel said...

DITTO to chads comment :) I am moving to Missouri, THIS SUNDAY!! I will be there by myself for the 1st 6 weeks, Andrew is in NY for training on his new job.

Friend seeker,

I will miss you Jenette! we had a fun friendship for the short time we have known each other and I think you and Aarron are very friendly people, to not have to be shy about anything. The cook out will be a big hit, and your new friends will be good-old friends in no time. :)

IM me sometime to chat our little hearts out, to keep in touch.

M&Co. said...

Yeah! I was just working on an entry about making new friends and how hard it is as an adult. I don't know when I'll get it finished, but I was thinking about it.

Cmommy said...

That's terrific! In-Real-Life friends are fairly critical to our well-being :-)

Keep writing here, though, please?! Did you get my email address? C

lisa said...

I know nothing about Barbara Streisand as a person but I do like her voice! :)

...also just wanted to let you know that I got your text (it costs me money to text back) so I will not be showing up at your house tomorrow morning. Well, I won't be showing up at your house to babysit at least hehe ;) [jk, of course I will probably be asleep in the morning...]

:) have a great week Jet!