Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fun stuff

Ok, I got this from a new blog that I am reading, A New Day... lovin it! Anyhow, I liked this and stole it :):)

... series one//basics
-- whole name : Jenette S. A.
-- birthdate : 02/11
-- birthplace : Colorado Springs
-- eye color : greenish with grey and orangeish stars.
-- hair color : currently darker red. Naturally, strawberry blondish
-- righty or lefty : righty
-- zodiac sign : aquarius
-- innie or outtie : innie

...series two// favorites
-- music : Holy cow. I don't know. I love music. Period.
-- cartoon : the simpsons and Tom and Jerry
-- color : Green
-- magazine : Entertainment Weekly
-- tv show: Lost, Amazing Race, Survivor, Monk, Psych, Battlestar Galactica, many more, I'm sure
-- song : I honestly cannont name just one song.
-- language : Spanish.
-- food//beverage : Anything with cheese. To drink, sweet tea, water, or right now, cola to soothe my tummy.
-- subject in school : when I was in college, psych classes or my educational methods classes
-- ice cream flavor : chocolate chip cookie dough
-- roller coaster : The Beast

...series three// what you did
-- the first thing you did when you woke up this morning : Got up and went to the bathroom
-- the last image/thought you go to sleep with : "The bed is more comfortable than the couch. But I wonder what MASH episode was on next?"
-- the first feature you notice in the opposite sex : their smile, their eyes, and their hair
-- the best name for a butler : jeeves :-)
-- your bedtime : around 11, though is can be later, depending on how I feel and whether or not I have to get up early in teh morning.
-- your greatest fear : Rejection. Not learning to accept "good enough" instead of perfection.
-- your missed memory : Dunno... probably something to do with Jenni though, since she's been my best friend since I was 8 :):)

...series four//do you
-- believe in yourself? : professionally, yes. Personally, sometimes.
-- have any tattoos/where? : a purple flower on my hip.
-- have any piercing/where? : two in my left ear, one in my right.
-- think you're a health freak? : Not to the point of letting it interfere with my chocolate consumption.
-- get along with your parents? : Yep. Better than I ever did!
-- Like thunderstorms? : Indeed!

....series five// the future
-- age you hope to be married : I am married. Got married at age 21.
-- numbers and names of children : We have one living son, Ethan. One son in Heaven, named Henry. And another on the way that we hope will be a girl. Her middle name will be Diane, but no idea of what Aaron will pick for a first name :)
-- Describe your Dream Wedding : I think my wedding was my dream wedding... but if I could do it without the financial stress, I would have.
-- How do you want to die? : Painlessly.
-- What do you want to be when you grow up? : do I have to grow up?
-- What country would you most like to visit?: Ireland, Scotland, Australia,

...series six// opposite sex
-- best eye color?: blue or brown
-- best hair color? : brown
-- short or long hair?: short
-- best weight?: whatever looks good with their body type... not too skinny, but not fat.
-- best clothes?: Polos and jeans
-- best first date location with crush? : dunno.

...series seven// other
-- when's the last time you slept with a stuffed animal? : last night.
-- how many rings until you answer the phone? : within three rings.
-- what's on your mouse pad? : don't have a mouse pad.
-- how many houses have you lived in?: Um. houses? at least eight. If we start adding apartments and townhouses, more.
-- how many schools have you gone to? : of higher education? 4
-- what color is your bedroom carpet? : dark green. Previous owners.
-- would you shave your head for $5000 dollars?: Sure. Hair grows back and I can get a cool wig!
-- if you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take three things with you what would you take?: A cell phone (liked Meegs answer), a sack of peanut butter, crackers, and bottled water, toilet paper, and a book of short stories.

...series eight//things you wear daily
-- deodorant : Dove
-- hair gel : none
-- shoes : brown sandals or tennis shoes
-- necklace : none
-- clippie things for hair: just a rubber band if my hair is pulled up.
-- socks : Not in summer, but cute ones through out the rest of the year.

...series nine//others
>*Nicknames: Jet, Net, Netter, Net Net, DoodleBug.
>* Height: about around 5 feet
>* Shoe Size: about a 7.5
>* Brothers/Sisters: Older step sister, older step brother, older brother, one step brother my age, three step brothers younger than me, and one step sister younger than me.
>* Who lives with you: Aaron and Ethan, Cici, Carl, and Joe (the last three are cats)

>------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
>* Ever been so drunk you blacked out: oh yeah. Regrettably so.
>* Been in a car accident: Mmmmhmmm.
>* Been hurt emotionally: Duh. I'm human
>* Had a New Kids on the Block tape: NO!!!
>* Been on stage: Yep. Every Sunday.

>* Shampoo: Suave or Thermasilk
>* Scent: Clean Linen
>* Soap: Pretty smelling body wash
>* Hairspray: Don't really use it.
>* Day/Night: morning or late at night.
>* Summer/winter:autumn
>* Lace or satin: Satin
>* Fave salad: Anything with blue cheese and cranberries.
>* Fave Movie: tons! Holy crud. Can't even begin to start.
-------------------RIGHT NOW------------------
>* Wearing: Jeans, silky shirt, espadrilles.
>* Hair is: Pony tail
>* I'm feeling: Full of don pablos and trying not to puke.
>* Eating: Nothing right now
>* Drinking: Nothing right now.
>* Thinkin bout: hoping that Cici the cat does not dig her claws into my head while I'm typing.
>* Listening to: Cici purr.
>* Talking to: Aaron
>* Watching: The computer screen

>-----------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
>* Cried: nope
>* Worn a skirt: yep
>* Met someone new: yep
>* Cleaned your room: yep
>* Drove a car: yep.

>----------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
>* Who have you known the longest of your friends: Jenni. For 21 years.
>* Who's the loudest: Um... I decline to answer that.
>* Who's the shyest: Dunno that one
>* Who's the weirdest: Emily
>* Who do you go to for advice: Jenni, Emily, Mel, Mindy, Angel, Charity, BizBeth
>* Who do you cry with: Not very many people. The same people, including Aaron. >*Who can make you laugh so hard milk can come out ur nose: Aaron, Jon (my brother) Sarah Cool, Chris Hendricks,

>-------------------Other Random Questions------------------
>* Parents' names: Joy and Dennis, Dan and Connie
>* How much do you love your job?: Stay at home mom right now. It's good.
>* Been to Africa? nope.
>* Favorite day of the week: Sunday.
>* When was your last hospital visit? February 2nd, 2006. I delivered Henry.
>* How many times did you fail your drivers test? none
>* Have you ever been convicted of a crime? nope
>* What do you do most often when you are bored? get online, watch a movie, read...
>* Name the person that you are friends with that lives the farthest away: Andrea in New Zealand
>* Last person I went out to dinner with: Aaron, tonight.
>* Last movie you saw: Cars.


sarah cool said...

"Had a New Kids on the Block tape: NO!!!"
GASP! Jenette! This could be the end of a beautiful friendsh.... oh, no, just kidding, I love you THIS MUCH, but REALLY! No NKTB??

Meegs said...

Aww, she likes me, she really likes me.

Chris said...

You do realize that now after reading about myself in your list I have a new goal in life!

You've been warned...

Anonymous said... I have no idea what you may be talking about:)