Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hot. So. Hot.

Ok. So I've just spent a few days at church camp in Ludlow Falls. I am currently home for the night, while Ethan spends the night there with Nanny. I needed to get Ethan registered for preschool, get my anti nausea prescription filled, and take a shower that doesn't require me to wear flip flops. Plus, it is flippin HOT!!!!

So I'm being totally revived by church camp. The past two days, the morning Bible Studies were about feelings. I missed the first one, actually. That one was on anger. Yesterday and today were about guilt and worry. Hmmm... anyone who knows me knows that those are two of my biggest hang ups. I have a high guilt complex. And I can be a bit of a worry wart. Oh my, how God spoke to me! I actually burst out in tears at one point. Unfortunately, my notebook is still at camp... when I have it back, expect a full entry about these topics.

One thing that has stuck with me today is how those of us who are Christians can address sin and feelings. Newsflash for some of us--- Satan does NOT have dominion over this world. God created man to rule over all that swims in the sea, flies in the air, and crawls on the ground. Satan appeared to Adam and Eve as a serpent, which crawls on the ground. We have dominion over HIM! Sin and death have been conquered by Christ! And here's another newsflash. Feelings LIE. The Truth does not. You can overcome unhealthy feelings by telling them to go away. You can turn them over to God and ask Him to replace them with the Truth. This explanation is so inadequate!!! WOW!

And my neighbor/friend, Charity is on her way to pick me up for a walk. So I better go do that and save my preaching for when my notes are in front of me.

How is it that I came home so that I wasn't melting, and yet I am going for a walk to melt???

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Cmommy said...

Because a walk with a friend is like finding an expensive chocolate on your pillow--that's why you will venture forth into the heat tonight!

Looking forward to hearing more about camp! :-)C