Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I miss my mom today. I miss Georgia today. I had planned to take a trip down south, to Georgia and South Carolina over the next two weeks. But life has a way of intervening. I have to make some money. So a basket party or two I must have. My child has been exposed to chicken pox and I just KNOW that as soon as I get to Georgia or South Carolina, he's gonna break out and I'll be stuck with a sick child. And Ethan starts preschool on the 5th of September. And I start babysitting sometime in September.

So I'm melancholy today. I'm listening to my son and my nephews play in the basement. Amazingly enough, everyone is getting along today. They go in cycles. One visit, they play separately, because everyone is on each other's nerves. The next visit, they're inseperable. Ethan and Ty are especially sweet with each other. Ty is 2, Ethan is 4... but they posess similar temperments in many ways. Ty is definitely out and out ornery, while Ethan is more subtly ornery. But ornery they both are. And Alex ends up being on the outside a lot of times, which doesn't seem to bother him, as he's pretty self sufficient. Although, this morning when Ty woke up saying, "E?" and only wanting to hug Ethan, it bothered Alex a little. Poor guy. He'll have to learn that that's how we younger siblings are. We worship the ground our older siblings walk on, but give us someone new for a while and we attach easily. Oh how fickle.

Reminds me of me and my brother, Jon. I keep typing Job instead of Jon... I wonder if that's because he had to have the patience of Job to deal with me when we were younger? :) Jon is a year older than I am and I have ALWAYS wanted to be right there with him, doing what he was doing, when he was doing it. I know I got on his nerves more often than not. But that's the curse of being an older brother. Your little sister gets a severe case of hero worship, whether or not you want her to. :) Ahhh.... Jon is going to have to take Ethan under his wings when Ethan becomes a big brother. Ethan's going to have to call Uncle Jon to complain, because Mommy will have no sympathy. Of course, Ethan's favorite thing to do is to call Uncle Jon anyhow.

Great. Now I'm even more homesick because I miss my brother. I miss seeing my brother play with my kid (who thinks Uncle Jon hung the moon... and Ethan will do ANYTHING Uncle Jon teaches or tells him to do).

Stupid tears.


lisa said...

tears arent stupid

Anonymous said...

well, your Mom misses you too. :) Jon and I were talking, we might see if Ethan wants to stay for a week with us during one of the school-type breaks...might be staying a night or two with Uncle Jon, but most of the time w/ me. See, I am getting brave! :) Love you daughter, see you when you get here.