Monday, August 21, 2006

Running, running!

Got up this morning. Fixed E breakfast. Ate Rice Crispies.
Went to the Y to work out. Did two miles, 8 weight stations, lifted a total of 4000 lbs.
Got a call from the neighbor. Went over to her house with E so that the kiddos could play and we could have coffee and neighbor time.
Got back to my cell phone, which was in the car. Calls from Aaron, my Mom and my MIL.
Listened to my Mom's voice mail. "Jenette, call me. Uncle Doug's wife is dead."
Called my Mom. Aunt Kim had a headache all day yesterday. Uncle Doug woke up this morning and she was dead beside him in bed.
Arranged to go to Georgia so that my mom can fly to Washington State and I can stay with my Grandma.
Called Aaron. Told him the news. Both of us shocked because Aunt Kim is only a little older than my husband. She and my uncle had three adopted children, and she has two children from a previous marriage. My uncle has two children from a previous marriage.
Have to finish laundry. Have to pack.

Pray. Thanks.

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sarah cool said...

Hey girlfriend - praying. Be safe. I love you!