Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I've been MIA lately. Haven't read any of my regular blogs, haven't posted in my blog. Sorry... I'll try to catch up soon!

My head hurts. My feet hurt. My back hurts. And not all of it is the pregnancy. :)

My head hurts because I'm not drinking enough water. My feet hurt because I have a cut on the bottom of one of them. So I guess it is really just that my foot hurts, not my feet. My back hurts because my front side is getting bigger than my back side (amazing, I know!) and throwing everything out of whack.

It seems as though it has been busy around here, yet I have nothing new to write about. Ethan is in preschool--- and that has been interesting. He informed me this morning that he is bored at preschool because he already knows the stuff they are learning. I can't believe the complaining has started this early! I was hoping for a child who enjoyed learning and school as much as his mommy. Instead, he seems to take after his daddy--- wanting to sleep instead of go to school, and like his Uncle Jon--- bored with school. Sigh.

Little House on the Prairie is on--- Michael Landon's hair! Did you ever take a look at it? Dark, unruly, curly, wild.... on TV it is acceptable--- but if I walked out of my house looking like that, I'd be covering my head with a hat. Why is it that men can get away with so much more fashion and looks wise? Like our worship leader at church--- he shows up with bed head--- and it looks fine! If I show up with bed head, I look like rats made homes in my hair overnight. (Of course, that could be because Cici nuzzles my hair all night long and kneads it with her claws). Aaron can pull on a t shirt that is rumpled and walk out of the house in it. If I do that, I KNOW that other women are going to look at me and think "Don't you have an iron?"

My couch smells funny. I wonder if it is because of my super smeller. Or does it always smell funny?

My nephews are being too quiet downstairs.

I want chips and dip.

I just felt the baby wiggle again. Wasn't sure if it was gas or what last week when I first felt it--- but in the past day or so, I've felt things more clearly. Ultrasound on the 26th to see if there are any kidneys in there. Until then, I feel strangely detached. I put the crib together yesterday. Aaron asked if I was ok with it. It took me a while to answer, but I finally said, "Sure." I am the one who dismantled the crib only days after I delivered Henry. Cried the entire time. Dragged it out into the hallway all by myself.

Aaron says he thinks I'm bigger now than I ever was with Henry. If I have amniotic fluid this time, that would make sense. So keep your fingers crossed.

Blah. Off to drink some water!


Kris said...

I'd say wear the wrinkly tee shirt.
I am on the verge of a clothing revolution (at least I hope I am)
I am tired of trying to decide what to wear based on what other people think. It's hard enough to decide what to wear on my own.
Lately I have started only wearing my favorite clothes...and it has been great. I have a long way to go, but several ideas for change. Maybe I should post on this...
I have never been that into fashion though, and being an engineer no one really seems to I guess it works for me.

SWAD said...

Hey Jenette,
I've been thinking about you. It was good to read a post; i'm sorry you're so word!
You totally have it! I vote that women about the world unite - general dischevelment here we come! We're really dressing/grooming for other women anyway - how messed up is that?

Tyler said...

I totally understand the "I already know this stuff, so school is boring mentality" ... on both ends (thinking it and being told it by students).

It's unavoidable. Maybe he'll grow into a happy medium. I did. I hated the lectures, but enjoyed the school. Mainly, because I felt smart already knowing what the teacher was going to teach. (At least I see it as a happy medium ... it worked for me)

And we're excited and praying for the ultrasound ...

Anonymous said...

Would Ethan not be more excited about school if he were really going to learn about NEW! things? Is there not a school in Cinci that can offer Ethan classes for the level he is currently?? It would bore me to have to sit in a class where I already knew the material day after day. And one day would be enough for me too :):)

Love ya and I "feel" for ya. Been there, done that, had you.:)

Martiel said...

I hope and pray for your little baby, that everything checks out good when you get the ultra sound!

I agree about the guys and fashion, they don't even have to shave if they don't feel like it...a girl goes with out shaving and it is GROSS! lol


lisa said...


i like water

Jenette said...

There are schools for Ethan at the level he is now... unfortunately they are private schools for gifted children, and cost moolah. If I could just skip him onto kindergarten, academically, he'd be fine. Socially, he's where he should be for his age. It's just hard when the kid is already adding, subtracting, starting multiplication, beginning to read, and grasping concepts that are far more suited to an ending kindergartner/first grader--- he needs more stimulation academically, but I don't want to push him. :)

Tyler said...

If you need, I can come down and give the kid early calculus lessons. might stunt that "Socially being fine" thing, though

Anonymous said...

nobody said anything about your "wiggles"!!! i'm so happy for you! wiggles are great...enjoy them now...before they turn into "shoves"! i love you!

Cmommy said...

Awwww, baby swishings! I miss that feeling. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to "see" this child!

Preschool~~btw, I LOVE my job~~sounds like you have a brilliant little boy! Get out the Lakeshore catalog and bring on the manipulatives! Do you have the Blockus game? I think he'd like the challenge. Chrissy