Saturday, September 02, 2006

Can it be....

...fall already?

Oh, the taste of autumn, oh the scent of coolness. Yet I know it is just a cruel joke. In a week, the 85 degree temperatures will be back. I'll be back to wearing shorts and t shirts. But I'd rather wear my cords and sweatshirts.

Oh fall, do not tarry. But haste, haste to me!

Yeah, I'm in an odd mood.

Arguing with people via text messaging. Stinks. I'm angry right now. I'm hurt. I think I need to go start knitting for my Mommy Meet Up raffle that is going to happen in November. I think I need to clean something. Maybe go rent a carpet steamer. Maybe rearrange some furniture. Maybe scrub baseboards. Aaron suggests painting the bathroom. Wonder if the fumes would make me less emotional.

I hate it when frienships look like they are on their way out. I cannot stand to end a friendship in anger. So I'm trying not to be angry. Growl. I'm trying not to be hurt. Whatever. Does it matter? I want to be a jr. high girl again and run off in a snit. I want to call my other girlfriends and reassure myself that I am not a terrible person. Which I know I'm not. I know that I can argue with people and disagree with them without it being the end of a friendship or even the end of the world. Logically, I know this. Right now, I'm too upset to think straight. Stupid hormones.

Grouch. Grump. Don't you think the blueish green chair in the living room would look good in the great room and the overstuffed chair in the great room would look good in the living room? And who cares if the futon is broken, I can throw out the stinky loveseat, and replace it with the broken futon, right?

Ok. Off to obsess. Or pray. I'm not sure which.


Anonymous said...

I have only one thing to say..."If I show up at your house tomorrow and find the furniture is in totally different rooms and Aaron was not a major contribitor to the project, I'm going to have to hurt someone:)"
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Punch a pillow. Hard!