Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Welcome to the uterus, Baby......!

Ultrasound was yesterday.

There's an Olympic sized pool of amniotic fluid for Baby to swim in. There are two kidneys that look like ittle bittle beans.

And there are girl parts. Leading us to believe and be 98% positive that we are having a girl.

Yes. Me. With. A. Girl. I'm a little shell shocked by this. I knew in my heart that it was a girl--- don't ask how, I just did. But to have it confirmed--- and to think of me, with a girl. Aaron said last night, "We have to buy Barbies, and girly toys, don't we?" And I realised that he was right. Boy toys are so much cheaper. Buy them a 99 cent bag of dinosaurs or soldiers, and life is good. Are girls that way too?

I have an image in my head of a little girl with cute ruffled underwear, white tights, a pink dress, and a sun hat on.... what are the chances that any girl of mine will wear an outfit like this? Will she be a priss? Or will she be a tomboy? Will she not like to get her hands dirty (Ethan still doesn't like to be dirty) or will she make mud pies? Hmmm... wait--- these are all the things I would wonder about any new child! Phew, that makes me feel better.

Her middle name will be Diane. Aaron wants to name her Steak. Ethan wants to name her Peach. I get veto power, and I've vetoed both.

:):) TEEE HEEE!!! I have a healthy baby!!!!!!!!!!!


maria said...

dollar store is a good place to start shopping... and don't make your girl wear anything pink or frilly -why do you think I don't like the color pink? It'll scar her for life! and you can probaly influence what your daughter will be like - my mom turned me into a bookworm.
I'm so happy for you! A girl will be so much fun!

sarah cool said...

HalleluJAH!!!!!!! Oh yeah! I am SO excited!!!!! I have been praying for you, chica. Oh man. A baby girl! I love you! I think you're wonderful!!

Cmommy said...

She can be a dancing/diva/soccer star like my LilDollyGirl! A well-rounded individual :-)

Congratulations!!!!!! I feel your relief & joy! Chrissy

Martiel said...

1,000 yippees and yays for you! The best of both worlds, to have a boy and a girl.

Don't worry about the girly stuff, she will just get into your makeup and try on your shoes and wont have to spend a penny. Not all girls have to wear frilly dilly outfits, they are content in a cute pair of jeans and a non-pink top! =)

M&Co. said...

Oh you lucky thing, you get to shop at the Gymboree Store. They have matching outfits that include leggins, socks, shoes, skirts, tops, sweater, hat, underwear. The list goes on and on. And it's all well made stuff that wears like iron. Boy Clothes. Blech. They have them. But they aren't nearly as cute, I mean you can only do so much with shorts and a tee shirt.

Anonymous said...

my girls teeter between acting like dogs, cowgirls and princesses...they like my make-up and playing with worms. it doesn't matter what she's like, she's perfect already and i love her! mindy

Misfit Hausfrau said...

That is so fantastic! I am so happy for you. Stay healthy and happy!

The mind of Huy said...

Congrats! They usually have cheap toys at like the dollar store ^_^