Wednesday, October 04, 2006

mumble mumble mumble... LOST!

Mumble mumble mumble.... that's all I hear today, because over and over in my head is this phrase "Lost seasom premier is on tonight! Lost season premier is on tonight!"

Yes. I think we've covered before that Aaron and I are TV junkies. We have a hopeless addiction--- one that we are not inclined to break, I may add. In fact, we added new shows this season. Jericho, House, Heroes.... and an occasional Nip/Tuck. There's a reason we get the kid into bed 8 pm sharp. Well, ok, the real reason is that he's dead tired. And we have Tivo, so we really don't miss much tv. Just commercials! :)

So, what do you think will happen on Lost? Will we see Michael and Walt again? How bout Jack and everyone else? And what about those Others? WOW!!! I've missed Locke and Mr. Eko!

Anyhow. For those who aren't TV junkies, more interesting things are below.

So, Hethan will be old enough for kindergarten next year. His birthday is in early August. Long before the cut off date. Yet some people are suggesting that we wait til he's 6 to send him to kindergarten. Now, before you say anything, let me state this. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education. I know lots about child development. I know how males mature slower than females. I am aware of all the research that says to hold boys back.

Those things being said, let me also say this. My child is BRIGHT. Of course, every parent thinks their child is bright. And every parent has a special child--- I fully believe this. But this is coming as a teacher, not just as a mom. Before he was 4, he could read basic sight words. He quantifies objects less than 10 (If you see seven school buses sitting together, he can say, "There are seven" without having to count them one by one.) He is now taking leaps and bounds with reading--- he's in level one readers. He's rote counting to 70, and counting objects to 40, easily. He's figuring out basic addition and subtraction, and even some multiplication. He's constantly seeking new knowledge. Constantly. Aaron and I are not uneducated or ignorant people, and there are times that our child stumps us.

I'm afraid that if we hold him back until he's 6, we're going to have a terribly bored (which will translate into behaviour problems) child on our hands. Some have suggested private schools--- definitely something we would consider, but we're in a GREAT school district... so if we can save the cost, we will. If we hold him back, just so that he'll be the oldest in the class instead of on the younger end, who's to say that he won't skip a grade? The kid is already bored in preschool.... I went to his class today and watched circle time. He's not obnoxious, but he KNOWS what's going on, he KNOWS everything they're doing and learning. He has fun playing, and that's the main reason why he's there.

I'm not going to think about this too much, at least not until spring. My child is a gift from God, and we will nurture him in every way possible. I refuse to stop him on his quest to KNOW more! GROWL!!!! :):)

In other news, Baby Girl is making her presence known a bit more these days. She especially likes to bounce on my bladder. And occasionally, she likes to tickle me. I'm hoping that Aaron and Ethan will be able to feel her move soon.

Off I go to nap! BG is sucking my energy. The good thing is that I am now starting to crave veggies---- I have an image in my head of a big bowl of broccoli, with melted cheese. Oh, and grits. I really really really want grits. And fried potatoes. Which I made last night. From scratch. Grated the potato and everything. I think a trip to the store is necessary. I need broccoli and grits.


Anonymous said...

broccoli and cheese, fried potatoes, and grits are all things a true georgia girl's mini-me needs to get a great mop of curly red hair...i'm positive i read it somewhere... ;)

Martiel said...

From my understanding Kindergardners are usually 5, and 1st graders are 6! so Eathan, who is very smart for his age and a human sponge to learn more should go into kindergarden next year.