Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Another bath?

So you probably know how I gave Cici a bath the other week? Well, it might be time for another one.

Cici likes my head. She likes to nuzzle my hair. She also likes to wrap herself around my neck when I'm sitting on the couch. Occasionally, she'll sleep on top of my head at night time. I tend to discourage that one, since I wake up in the morning with a hideous crick in my neck.

I started itching last night. Just a little. Having the sensitive skin that I do, I thought maybe the new fabric softener we've been using was reacting badly. But it was only my neck that was itching. This morning, I woke up, pulled my hair up, and I have a lovely outbreak of poison something-- ivy, oak, something. And since I haven't been outside rolling around, or even working in my garden, I am thinking that this has come from Cici. I've gotten poison ivy from her before--- she walks through the stuff and brings it back on her fur.

Should I give her another bath? Should I just let her wash herself and get this stuff off of her? Do I not pet her? How can I ignore my princess? But do I REALLY want to go through another bath? Nah. I think I'll let her take care of herself.

In the meantime, I'll keep on slathering on the Calamine Clear lotion and trim my nails so that I don't break open any blisters. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

this is a cat's way of getting back. you gave her a bath, she will share the "outside" with you :):) don't scratch! love ya, MOM :):):)