Friday, October 20, 2006

Middle School Sub....

To the tune of "Beauty School Dropout..."

Today I subbed in middle school Spanish. Fun! But the age--- so not my favorite. Of course, being around young people of any age is good for me. I love to teach. But the hormones of a class full of 13 year olds.... The situation triggered my unhealthy eating habits.

Food diary today:
Cereal with milk
Donut with chocolate glaze
Broccoli and cheese soup
Milky Way
Hot Dog
Sweet potato chips

And now, I feel vaguely sick.... wonder why.

Ethan and I are roughing it til tomorrow night, when Aaron returns to the fold. We went to a movie this evening. Wandered around the mall some. I was recognized by a whole group of middle school boys who started shouting "Hey, it's our Spanish sub! How ya doin?" I grinned, waved and went back to interacting with my child. I suppose I should be prepared for the fact that the more I sub, the more I'll be recognized by kids in the community. It really isn't that big of a community that we live in, all things considered.

Soccer game
Hang out with Marfa
Mom's Night Out with Mindy--- BOWLING!!! And yes, I can bowl even when I'm pregnant!
Coffee/ice cream with Bobbi Sue
Greet my hubby when he gets home

Church function, big big deal-- Harvest Home!
Nicholson's Pub

If there is anything interesting or amusing that happens, I will be sure to let my faithful commentors, lurkers, readers, and otherwise, know!

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Anonymous said...

mmmm! grits! sounds good!!

:-) you crack me up, lady!!