Monday, November 13, 2006


I finished reading Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, by Gregory McGuire, on Saturday. Good book. Slow to get into. Actually took me about two weeks to read it, instead of my usual two days for a book of that size. However, the writing was exceptional, the themes intriguing, and the characters wonderfully complex.
I cannot wait to discuss it at Book Club tomorrow night!!!

In other news, Ethan is in South Carolina until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I miss the little guy, but the break is good for all of us. Especially since I am to the point in this pregnancy where things are starting to get uncomfortable. My back started aching this week, my ribs are beginning to notice that something is growing right under them, and my feet no longer like high heels nearly as much as they used to! I just need a day or three to adjust to the new changes, and life will go better for everyone around me, right?

I wish I had something deep and profound to say.

Yesterday at Bible Study, one of my girls was going through something that really touched my heart and made me ache for her. All the more so because most mature Christians have been where she is right now. She's at a point where she knows that she isn't doing what she should in order to grow--- she's not doing devotions, she's not spending time in prayer, she's not spending time in the Word. So she's feeling guilty. Well, guilt is good, if you let it be good. I told her that she needs to allow this guilt that she is feeling to get her back on track. Otherwise, the guilt will be used to separate her farther from Christ.

So if you've wandered away, if you're never sure that you were there in the first place, or if you're craving something more, a relationship with God, and Christ Almighty, don't let the guilt of your inaction keep you from Him. Whether you're straying from the path, or seeking the path, don't think that you're too far away from Him. He's never far from you, and He's waiting for you. It doesn't matter that you feel guilty or ashamed for not doing what you "should." His grace, His mercy-- they can and will overcome that guilt and shame.

I am always hesitant about sharing some aspects of my faith online. Things can be misread, misunderstood. But I know that I need to share that I believe in God, I believe in his Son, Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the world. I believe that He, Jesus, was God, became man, was crucified and resurrected for the sins of the world.

I am intelligent, yet I believe by faith.

If you hunger for something more, but aren't sure what that something is, I'd be glad to talk to you about Jesus. :)


Anonymous said...

amen pastor nett! amazing how the holy spirit can go through you, your blog, then my computer to smack me in the face and address something that i was dealing with but hadn't really talked to anyone about...i love reading your blog...and you...and little baby girl!

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to read that. Jamie and I saw Wicked when it came to town and loved it. You're wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Jenette, I LOVED this post. You are totally awesome. You are a gift.

I love the musical Wicked, but the book was a little too dark for me.... they really lighten up the musical (and it's still kind of dark!)

Shannon Wagers said...

Wicked is a great musical... you would love it. It comes to C-bus next year.