Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Only One I Didn't Want to Get

When I was pregnant with Ethan, I was a full time college student (married for four years by the time we had him), student teaching, and working part time. I juggled all the plates pretty well. I never got sick (beyond normal morning sickness), well, only if I needed to desperately eat-- I only had a little bit of back pain (silly sciatic nerve), and only had to be on bed rest for the last 6 weeks..... wait, I guess that is getting sick.... but, I considered it more an annoyance than anything and hardly even count it! Before the bed rest time, I was a healthy mama. Except for the time the stomach ickies hit me.

I had to go to the hospital that time. Dehydration and all that. Not a pleasant time. Not at all. So you can see why I would avoid people who are puking with great concentration in my subsequent pregnancies?

I was very careful when I was pregnant with Henry. If one of my students had been ill, I'd bleach down the room, before and after the students were in there, along with all of the regular disinfecting procedures you do when you have students in a classroom.

This pregnancy, I have been careful too. The parents of the twins I babysit know that the only illness I will not see their sons through is the puking one. Two weeks ago, they were puking, therefore they were not at my house.

And now, despite my self imposed quarantines from the sickies around me, I am sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. I can't hold anything in. Nothing. Crackers, ginger ale, water, nothin! So I got a prescription for Phenegran from my doctor. Yeah, it helped with the vomiting. But not the other things that go along with this illness. Which is why I am up at 4.15 am. Because my body was desperate for fluids, and I sought to oblige. Oblige it I have, but not without a price. Oh well, as long as it's not puking, I can handle it. I cry when I puke.

The good thing is, when you're sick, your cats love you to pieces. I should always know when I'm going to get ill, because Cici starts cuddling me more. She jumped up in my lap earlier in this 24 hour period, something she never does --- I should have known then that something was wrong with my body. Seriously. Cici is so in tune with me, (and I hope, I with her) that she does know when I am sick, even before I do. Stupid human that I am, I often start to worry about her and wonder if she's sick! :) And Joe and Carl have been all over me, keeping my body warm when it is chilly.

Ok. I finished 10 oz of ginger ale. Let's pray and hope it stays in my body for longer than 30 minutes.

Sleep well, my dear friends. And be thankful that I cannot be contagious through the internet, because I caught up on a lot of my blog reading while I was unable to sleep! :):)


Anonymous said...

You goofball! I wondered when I saw your early morning comment on my blog!

Hope you had some "peaceful" time at that crazy hour, sister!

Love you,

Chris said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling icky. I hope it's only a temporary thing and you're feeling much better soon. Glad everything else is going well though.

lisa said...

Feel better soon! Just wanted to let you know I got your text. :) This weekend was kind of crazy any way, it will be better to do our party thing another time.