Monday, December 18, 2006

A Christmas Story

So, last night at bedtime, Ethan wanted Daddy to tell him a story, even though I usually make one up for him. Aaron looked at me, a little panicked--- he doesn't do well with making up stories on the spur of the moment--- and I said, "Just tell him a Christmas story."

So Aaron did. He proceeded to tell him A Christmas Story. Red Rider BB gun with a built in compass and all. "You'll shoot your eye out," and everything. Ethan loved it. I sat on the floor and giggled silently until tears practically came out of my eyes.

I love that man.


Anonymous said...

I just saw A Christmas Story for the first time ever last weekend!

I LOVED it! I was surprised! It was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

nothing says christmas like bb guns...getting your tongue stuck on a pole...a hootchie mama leg lamp...and bunny pajamas...
"who's mommy's little piggy?"
love you!

Chris said...

I was going to ask if he made sure to mention the "Italian" (fra-gi-le)lamp...or the Ovaltine decoder ring...or getting your mouth washed out with soap...or, well, I could just keep going.

Hillary said...

Best Christmas movie ever! Very cute that that's how he took your suggestion. :)

Dauphyfan said...

Brilliant! What an excellent idea. I struggle with ideas sometimes and just pulling something from a movie works magic. Great blog!