Friday, December 15, 2006

Santa Conquers the Martians

Yes, I kid you not. It was on TV. My husband looked at me like I was from Mars (haha) because I have never seen this "classic." Oh my. Oh my. Oh my.

Our tree is up and decorated! Yay! Ethan resisted decorating for a while--- he was a bit of a grumpy pants tonight, but once we started getting out the ornaments, he was quite happy to help. Especially since he got to stand on the stool and put ornaments up high.We even have a train under the tree this year! Now my house is officially Christmas-ified.

I'm hungry.

Ethan's mostly better, though the child is still as pale as can be. And for those of you who know my child, he's pretty darn pale to begin with.

I'm still hungry.

Battlestar Galactica was a total cliffhanger. Ahh, Lee and Kara, what have you done? Two star crossed lovers, if ever there was! They make my heart hurt so desperately. Aaron tells me that I'm not allowed to watch the episodes where Lee and Kara are angsting.... they make me moody and make me cry.

Still hungry.

Do I want some cheese slices? I have extra sharp cheddar cheese that might be calling my name. Or fake cheese popcorn.

Steak Diane kicked Ethan today--- it made his day. He started singing to her and poking my belly. We had lunch with one of my friends today and she told Ethan that he was going to be a good big brother. His response? "I know, everyone tells me that!"

Gonna go find food.

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Tyler said...

and now that you've seen that classic, do you

A) feel more complete

B) feel happy that you enjoyed something so bad it's good

C) Know that you'll never get that time back?

oh, and go for cheese. That's what I'd do