Sunday, January 07, 2007

Anansi Thoughts

spider god of trickery,
web weaver of life events,
changer of destinies.

You have been on my mind
a great deal lately.

What web have you woven
in my life?
What threads bind me to you?

Your web is shimmering in the sunlight,
dark and mysterious at night.
It beckons and binds,
then releases
just before you pounce for the kill.

Oh Anansi,
have you tricked me?
Have you made a bargain with the Bird Woman?
Anansi, Anansi, Anansi.

I shake my head at your antics.
I smile indulgently at you.
You continue to weave,
continue to dance on your web.
And so I dance with you.


Anonymous said...

Well, she obviously hasn't been drinking, and I checked to see if she's running a fever, not the case. So your guess is as good as mine.


Jenette said...

Pfft. My husband obviously has never read any of Neil Gaimon's work, specifically Anansi Boys, which has been on my mind this week, for some strange reason. AND, he doesn't know his African lore either. Silly boy.

Chris said...

See, I was going for the angle that she had a bad bowl of cocoa puffs.

sarah cool said...

aaron, that might have been the absolutely BEST first comment I've ever read. That was hystERICAL.

lisa said...

hehe yeah... I hope you don't mind, I exchanged the second book for the third while you were away... hehe :) The cats were very friendly. About half way through the week even Cici was coming out for me and meowing... but part of the reason was I think she wanted to go outside lol. It was fun though. I got to have three extra kitties for a week! :) Love you!

Anonymous said...

so that really wasn't the best blog to read after a few (we can talk later about the actual number) glasses of wine. And I really was expecting the normal green background...what's with the pink. I'll try this all again later. love ya