Wednesday, January 10, 2007

In my head....

Ok, so I realize the last post was weird for some of you! I was just expressing my creativity! :) Deal with it!

Now onto more exciting things!

Does anyone else talk differently out loud than they do in their head? No, I don't mean as in your word choices or anything like that. I mean pronunciation of words. I know we all say things in our head that we wouldn't say out loud, and there might even be some of you out there who have conversations in your head with yourself, just as I do. But do you monitor your pronunciations? I do.

I was mentioning this to Aaron last night. In my head, I drop the hard g's off of most endings. I draw out my a's a lot more. In my head, I sound more like my sister in law, April, who sounds like a Georgia mountain girl! I mean that in a good way. April has a beautiful voice and a beautiful accent. She speaks well, uses correct grammar (as much as any of us do in this day and age) and speaks Southern. And she's not afraid of talking Southern. Which I love about her!

So why do I monitor myself and adjust the way that I speak out loud from the way that I speak in my head? I'm really not sure. Lord knows, I'm not ashamed of my Georgia background. I have no problem with saying that I grew up in the North Georgia Mountains. I'd rather say I grew up there than say that I grew up in.... well, nevermind! :)

Is this just me? Or does everyone change their speaking voice? Is it because I speak in front of others so often, that I've adopted a "proper" speaking voice? Is it because I teach, and in order to teach up here, I have to speak the way they do? Oh my--- speaking of that, I had to give a spelling test for 3rd graders a few weeks ago--- I couldn't pronounce "hour" and "our" the way they were used to. I had to give example after example to get them to understand what word I mean. I physically could NOT do it! Back on track!

I'm off to eat ice cream and ponder myself, I think. Unless I get caught up in the light and fluffy book that I'm reading. In which case, I will not ponder myself. :)


Amber said...

You're funny! I sound the same in my head as I do when talking. At least I think ;) I often find myslef holding conversations in my head before posting on message boards. I have to think it all through. Would someone be offended by they really care. Then I erase, then I post. So everyone gets a final draft (minus the editing). Amber

Chris said...

Kudos to you for expressing your creativity! I wasn't going to comment until Aaron did. So I'm using the playground excuse - He started it!

Anyway, I'm not sure what accent my voice sounds like in my head. For me it reminds me of the voiceover sequences in Scrubs though. In my mind, I'm narrating the events of the day and summing things up. Like I said, I don't know exactly how it sounds, but I know things sound a lot more organized in my head than they do when I try to actually say them aloud.