Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Baby Girl

Ok. This child MIGHT just be mine. I'm not sure though. She seems to already have a mind of her own...

I'm not OFFICIALLY due until March 1st, right? And my C section is scheduled for Feb 17th, right? Will someone tell Baby Girl those things???? I went to the dr. today. I'm 50% effaced and a ittle bittle bit more dilated that I was last week. The nurse says to keep an eye on my contractions that I've been having on and off for a week. Oh, and I'm supposed to take it easy. Hmmm... Does that mean no putting bed frames together? Or running up and down the stairs doing the laundry? Or swimming laps? Surely I can still swim!!

Anyhow, here's to hoping and praying that Baby Girl keeps her body inside of mine for about 18 more days. I REALLY don't want to have her on Feb 2nd, as that is Henry's birthday. But when she comes, I guess she'll come! :)


Anonymous said...

Things don't bode well for Feb 17th. You can walk around almost 10 cm dilated for quite a while, I have noticed. But once effacing starts, and 50% is a lot of the work already finished, the end seems a lot nearer than you would like. It all makes a lot of sense if you think of the 2 measurements as one for the uterus and one for the cervix. The dilation (cervix) is a strong suggestion, while the effacement (uterus) is almost like an eviction notice!

Just remember that stairs help the baby slip into the pelvis, so you might want to keep those down to a minimum. Swimming helps relieve the weight of the baby, so might help to delay things.

Keep your legs crossed!

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Definitely keep the legs crossed!!!! Hang in there.

sarah cool said...


Currently cracking UP about that.

Um... did Aaron tell you that I thought your shower/secret party was THIS COMING SATURDAY?

Yeah, I was buying your sweet-baby-girl-gift this past Saturday. While you were celebrating your real shower.

So... uh... I'll be stopping by with some confetti and my gift in a week? To have a mini-shower?