Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hethan's questions

I forgot to write about this!

Warning: We have taught our kid the anatomically correct terms for body parts. Therefore, these terms are in this entry. It is not porn. It is a child asking questions while Mommy and Daddy struggle not to pee their pants.

Setting: Hethan is in the bathtub, playing with his toys. Aaron and I are in our bedroom, chatting about our days.

E: "Daddy, can you come here for a minute?" Pause. "Will you show me your penis?"

A: "What? No!"

J is doubled over with laughter, which is an amazing feat when 9 months pregnant.

A: "Why do you want to see my penis???"

E: "I want to see those ball things. Are mine going to grow?"

A: "Trust me, they'll grow as you grow."

E: "Why do they wiggle around ? What are they called?"

J is almost peeing her pants about this conversation.

J: "That's what they do. It's ok. They're called testicles, but some people call them other things."

Thankfully, the conversation ends and I can get my breath again. Ahhh, how I love anatomy lessons with a four year old.


Rachel said...

That is beyond FABULOUS!
I've been under the weather lately and totally needed that laugh today.
Thanks for sharing!

sarah cool said...

"A: "What? No!""

That is what made me laugh the hardest. hahaha!!

cdwalker247 said...

I can actually hear Aaron's voice responding to him with that tone of voice that he uses when he gets word of a fraternity prank that would not be a good idea....LOL.

Kris said...

i hope i can make dwight handle the anatomy lessons....
i think i could handle the standing around the corner laughing though :)