Thursday, January 18, 2007

No wit, no title!

Well, all the pregnancy web sites say that I should be tired now, and having to rest frequently. So I guess that means that I'll give myself permission to do so! :) Aaron keeps telling me to slow down, take it easy, rest, etc. But after I have this baby, I'll have TWO kids to get ready whenever I want to go somewhere, a stroller to load up, a diaper bag to pack, and still make sure that I, myself, am wearing matching socks! Therefore, I have to take advantage of my last four weeks of ONE kid life! Right?

But I am tired. I'm sleeping on the couch these days. I miss Aaron at night, but it's such a relief to wake up and not have to roll out of bed to use the bathroom, not to have to climb back in the bed and then spend 5 minutes readjusting the pillow nest, and not wake up with a sore back. But it's cold in the great room. The room is so big (which is a blessing and one of the reasons why we bought the house) and since it's an addition, the heating in it isn't as good as the rest of the house. Sigh. Of course, this isn't really a problem since I'm overheated these days anyhow. It's just that my nose gets cold when it peeks out from the covers! :)

Not a whole lot else to write about, I don't suppose. The Hethan is keeping me busy--- he's rather addicted to the PS2 game, Lego Star Wars. At 7.30 this morning, he asked me, "Can we play just ONE LITTLE game before school, Mommy?" I said, "No. I need food." He took it well, but I know we'll be playing when he gets home from school! :)

Off to rest on the couch!


Kris said...

haha, the matching socks part makes me laugh. My sister constantly wears mismatched socks because she dosen't like pairing them. last time i saw her she was wearing elephants on one foot and flowers on the other.
it works for her i guess. :)
I have trouble sleeping if my nose is cold too.

Anonymous said...

I feel ya lady! Let me know if you want me to take Ethan for a while so you can sleep! D would love it!

Thanks again for the basket! You're a saint!


Shannon Wagers said...

Lego Star Wars II : Original Trilogy is an incredibly deep and awesome game. I still dont have it to 100% completion. (of course Marvel Ultimate Alliance plays a part in that). The first Lego SW game with the prequel was awesome as well.

Amber said...

That's a toss up. I would probably want rest but do the opposite and enjoy the time before baby #2. You'll make it look easy. I'll be watching for mismatched socks


Anonymous said...

here's a secret that every stay at home mom of more than one kid should know...all white socks! i have at least 15 pairs of ankle-high white socks! actually with #3...i hardly end up wearing socks at all! give ethan a high five and KD a pat for me! love you!

Cmommy said...

We love Lego Star Wars at my house! Have you seen the Darth Vader lego video at YouTube? He is conducting a symphony of storm troopers. Funny!

I am so looking forward to your baby announcement. {}C