Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snow, snow, snow!

I feel like Froggy, in Froggy Gets Dressed, by Jonathan London. It snowed here on Sunday morning, and today, Wednesday, we got another dusting, just enough to make it look pretty around here again.

On Monday, the Hethan was feeling a little peaked, so he didn't go to school. I've really gotten used to my 2.5 hours by myself in the mornings, ya know? Anyhow, we made a little snowman and if it didn't take so darn long to load pictures on here, I'd post a picture of it. I still may, when I have more time. But, our snowman was CUTE! IS CUTE! It's a girl. We made her hair out of yarn, her eyes and nose out of buttons, her mouth out of yarn. We put arms on her, a hat and a bright red scarf. Yes, she's adorable. She's exactly Hethan size, since he's the one who wanted to make her!

Speaking of the Hethan, can I just say that he has some odd ideas about marriage? He thinks he's gonna marry me when he gets big like Daddy. Ok, this isn't unusual. But, he also says that when his baby sister is big enough, he's going to marry her. V.C. Andrews, anyone? No, I have not been reading the kid Flowers in the Attic--- which I'm not even going to link to because it's such a disturbing series!

It would be time for my morning nap right about now, but Hethan is home today, because we have a playdate that I deemed more important than school. Ok, I'll admit, it's more for my sake than his. But the kid doesn't need preschool five days a week, so it doesn't bother me if he misses a day or two here and there. Next year is kindergarten. Then it will matter! Besides, I'm looking forward to getting together with my Mommies. My week isn't complete unless I get together with my Mommy group!

Which, let me spout a word of wisdom/advice at this point. If you're a stay at home mom, devoted to your family and house, and feel like you're going crazy because your world centers around hubby, child(ren), and house, find yourself a GROUP! I got onto this past summer and joined the best Mom and Kids group ever. Now, I know that some groups aren't as great as ours, but give it a shot. Our organizer, Mimi, is THE BEST! She keeps things going, she takes care of politics, back biting, and all the other things that are bound to occur when women get together. (You know it's true.) And our asst. organizers, Amber and Hilary are on the ball. They both schedule and organize events like you would not believe. They show up at events and welcome people! Yes, I had to pay to join the group, and some would think that you're paying for friendship. But you pay the fees because charges fees. Only fair to contribute since we use message boards, calendars, files, photo files, etc. as a group. Seriously, if you are a stay at home mom who is going slowly insane, find yourself a group.

Ok. Hethan wants to play a game. WONDER which one! :) Ha! Star Wars Legos! And I just heard crashing upstairs, which means that Joe and Carl the cats are fighting in my bedroom. Which would be scary except that there's nothing they can break up there.

I'm so babbly today.


lisa said...

lol it's all good. Mark and I wanted to marry eachother when we were little haha. I hope you are having an awesome week J.A.!

Anonymous said...

If your snowman needs a boyfriend, Alex and Ty made one the size of Alex. I've been told his name is Andy:)

Anonymous said...

Connor used to say that all the time Jenette. It's so cute.