Monday, February 12, 2007

25/9 months and 30/9 months

In the orange shirt, I am awake at 6 am, getting ready to go to the hospital on the morning of Hethan's induction. I had just spent the last 6 weeks on bed rest with pre eclampsia. I am 25.

In the black dress, it is my 30th birthday, YESTERDAY! And I am just 6 days away from giving birth to Steak. I find it fascinating to see how different the pregnancies are.

With Hethan, I am pregnant all over, and he's settled very low in my belly. With Steak, I seem to have only gained weight in my belly (Believe me, this is NOT true). My hair is roughly the same length, styled differently. I weighed less when I got pregnant with Hethan than I did when I got pregnant with Steak, and technically, I've probably gained more weight with Steak than I did with Hethan. Yet, my face and body look so much more healthy with Steak. I attribiute that to the fluid retention and the other things that go along with pre eclampsia.

Ahh, it's fun.

We sat at the computer with Hethan last night and showed him a bunch of his baby pictures. He was amazed at how many people were there holding him in the hospital, and how many pictures we took of him when he was born. As I was laying with him last night (part of our nightly ritual, I tell him a made up story while laying in bed with him, then cuddle him for a few minutes.) I said my usual goodnight words, "I love you. You're my precious boy." Usually he responds with, "I love you. You're my precious girl, bigger than me!" But last night, he said, "I know you love me now, Mommy." I said, "How do you know?" And he said, "Because of all the pictures you have of me when I was a baby." I knew what he was trying to say. I've told him over and over how his daddy and I prayed for a boy just like him and how happy we were when God gave us him. But he didn't grasp that he was a baby, one that we had cherished (and still do) and loved beyond belief. Somehow, seeing us holding him when he was a baby made that real to him. I love it.

And of course, I must mention my 30th birthday. It was marvelous. We went out to eat Saturday night. Seafood. Yummy. And I got pretty emerald earrings for my birthday. :):) I think this is the first time I have ever hinted about receiving jewlery for a gift--- and I got it! I'm not a big hinter when it comes to gifts... I don't like to ask for things. But I did let Aaron know that it would be nice to have a pretty shiny something for my birthday. :)

And now, I must go pick up the Hethan!


sarah cool said...

Jenette! You are HOT STUFF!!!!!! Dang girl! You are rocking Steak Diane's inhabitation of your body!!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I think you look absolutely beautiful 30 and 9 months pregnant!!
Love ya

RNR_Runnergirl said...

This is Lisa from ADX! I heard you had a blog from Jen S, and did a search in my email to find it. There's nothing like starting your own blog to take more interest in everyone else's (not to mention very long, slow days at work). You look great!

Amber said...

You look so cute pregnant. Love the shoes with the dress by the way. Maybe we'll have to Amber