Friday, February 09, 2007

Labor, Anyone?

So I started having contractions yesterday. I've been having contractions off and on for a while, but these were different. They actually felt uncomfortable. They made my body want to twitch. They made my back ache. I felt like crying. But I'm pregnant-- that's kinda par for the course, right?

I called my Maven of Motherhood, Mindy Mae (I love alliteration!). I cried on her shoulder for a few minutes, and she said, "Call your doctor. It sounds like you may be in early labor." I scoffed. Ha. I have a C section scheduled, no way am I going into labor. But I did call my Emmy, the world's most amazing Labor and Delivery nurse. She said to time the contractions, drink lots of water, etc. So I did. And I went to bed early that evening, because I was exhausted. I woke up every hour or so, whenever a really hard contraction would hit. At one point, I was awake for an hour, because just as I would ALMOST fall asleep, guess whhhaaaaat???

Today, I was still having contractions. And of course, me being the model of yuppie motherhood, I took my kid on a playdate while I tried to figure out what I should do. (I didn't play in the inflatable bouncy thing with him, I just climbed in to see the slide, really!!! And NOOOOO, I wouldn't dream of climbing up on the playset and going down a slide with him.) Do I listen to Mindy, mother of three, and call my dr? Or do I listen to myself, and just grin and bear it?

I texted Emmy. I went to the hospital. False labor!!! YAY!!! Except I'm still having regular contractions and I've dilated a little bit. But my contractions are still about 10-15 minutes apart. Well, except for that cluster an hour ago that was about 5 minutes apart. But they started spacing out again. This is good. Of course, now they're clustering again. Grrr....

I like my scheduled birth. That's my kind of birth plan. "Yes, I'll take the spinal. Yes, you can put an IV there. Yes, having her at 7.30 in the morning sounds wonderful. You say I can have a margarita right afterwards??? Oh, yeah." Ok. Maybe that last part was just wishful thinking. :)

So we'll see. Will Baby Steak come before she's been scheduled? Will my uterus keep tormenting me, preventing me from sleeping and walking comfortably? Will I be able to keep filling out birth announcements for February 17th? Oh wait, am I really doing that? Nah. :) But still.

I'm wondering, did anyone catch the Survivor premiere? The Lost premiere? We did! I'm still behind on TV for this week-- going to bed by 10 most nights has made it hard to keep up with Heroes, the Unit, CSI, Monk, Psych, American Idol.... but that's what Saturday nights are for, right?

Except for tomorrow night. I turn 30 on Sunday. So hopefully, romorrow night, I'm gonna go out on a date with my hubby. Doesn't PF Changs sound good? Or J. Alexander's? Or maybe somewhere with killer margaritas. Oh wait. I can't have those YET! (Why am I craving margaritas??? I don't really drink them all that much when I'm not preggers, I really don't drink a whole lot when I'm not preggers.... hmmm.... bears thinking about.)

I'm very gabby tonight. Sigh. Hethan bought Steak some cute little wrist rattles today. He wanted to buy his baby sister a pressie. Then he went on and on about the Star Wars light sabers he saw in Toys R Us. I told him he should ask his baby sister to get him one as a pressie. Hehehehe... little does he know that we've bought him one, and Steak will "give" it to him when she's born. Crud. My kid with a light saber. Are we stupid? Don't answer that.

You know how most kids are into Disney and cutesy animation stuff right now? Yeah. Hethan likes all that, but what he's REALLY into are the Star Wars movies. I would have thought he was too young for them, but apparently not. He's watched Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Attack of the Clones. We just got Revenge of the Sith tonight. He can tell you what happens in each one of them. He's in awe of Yoda. And he has a great time calling me Jabba the Hut... not because I'm fat, thank you very much, but because it was a family nickname for me when I was a kid. My face looked like Jabba's when I pouted. Not so attractive.
The Hethan is a smart boy too. We were discussing something the other day--- I think it was my inability to get off of the ground without assistance and he said, "Mommy can't get up because she's f....---- she has a baby in her belly." Aaron and I died of laughter. He almost called me fat. Almost. But then he recovered. Smart boy. So smart.

Ok. That last contraction was a doozy, but it's over now, so I'm off to brush my teeth and ready myself for a night of peaceful slumber... hahahhahaha!!!!

I'll keep you updated. If my sanity holds. I kinda doubt my sanity at the moment. Hmmm... bye!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Emily--you think the slide thing is funny, just ask her about sledding.


Anonymous said...

SLEDDING?!?!? Between you and Liz I'm going to die and quick death because you two are killing me!! I've got to stop taking care of people I love! Other patients can come in and I get to laugh at them. Such as the person on house arrest that said she didn't have time to do kick counts?!? What the heck else did she have to do?

Mellie B said...

We got Aiden two light sabers today. Well, actually one is for Jerry. I'm trying to picture what life will be like in a couple of years living with all boys. God knows I need a girl next time, right? RIGHT? :o) Are you going to post a picture of your belly any time soon? I wanna see!

Kris said...

Thought I would mention to you that we bought Lego Star Wars for our game cube this weekend. And played through the entire first episode. Can't wait to play again, who knew that it would be so addicting?
Hope Steak starts behaving soon!

Labor Nurse said...

Happy 30th!