Monday, February 05, 2007

Giggle Box

I've had a few comments lately about my giggly-ness. I think it's pregnancy induced. I think I may be on the verge of hysteria, really. I'm not sure that things are as funny as I find them to be. Take for instance, the Save the Peas incident at supper.

Aaron was cleaning up from supper. I had made a lovely supper, complete with peas as the vegetable of choice. Aaron asked me, "Is it worth it to save these peas?" I said, "Save the Peas!" and immediately started giggling. For a while. Seriously, isn't that funny? Or is it just me?

And then I was talking to my friend Mary, and she said, "You're very giggly tonight." She's right. I am. I've been giggly for a while.

At our last church board meeting, I laughed so long and so hard I could have gone into labor. Our church is small, our board is small, so fortunately I know everyone on the board, and they're used to my antics. But they've never heard me snort because I'm laughing so hard. Until the last board meeting. And to be honest, I cannot remember right now what had me laughing so hard. Sigh.

Perhaps Steak Diane is full of joy inside of me and it's contagious? Let's hope. I'm gonna keep giggling, I think.

Until I start crying, which could be a full second after I've finished giggling.


Amber said...

I've only really known you pregnant. But, I like being around people that are happy. So, don't lose the giggles. Amber

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you have been giggling since...umm...let's see...the day we met!! What are you talking about pregnancy induced - I think you are on crack! Love ya - you know it!

sarah cool said...


Everytime I don't hear from you for a few days, I WONDER!