Monday, March 26, 2007

All over the nation, people are probably blogging about Spring. I thought about writing an entry about Spring, but it would just say the same thing as everyone else's, so why bother?

Although, when I look out my window to see the forsythia blooming and the buds starting on the trees, it is awfully hard not to write about the beauty of Spring. It's such a time of renewal, refreshment after the cold winter. But again, everyone writes about it, so I won't.

I traveled to my dad's this weekend. They've had a lot of rain up where Dad lives, so there's a bit of flooding. Ponds were overflowing, drainage ditches were rushing, rivers were swollen. I am fascinated by rushing water. I do not know why. I just am. So I nearly drove off the road a few times, because I was fascinated by the sight of flooded rivers and streams.

As I swerved back into my lane at one point, I began to ponder my fascination with rushing water. It's not just flooded waters, it's any kind of rushing water. I love the ocean when it is wild and pounding against rocks. Well, I love the ocean nearly any time, but I get the same feeling of excitement when the ocean is wild as I do when I'm watching a fast moving river. Something about the way the water sounds, the way it pounds, the way it swirls--- it all fascinates me. I think I truly see God's power when I see the force of water. I wonder if it's because I'm an Aquarius? :):) So contradictory! Looking to my horoscope to explain my fascination with God's creation.

Starbuck is a much different child than Hethan. Obviously. She's a girl. But no, really. She enjoys water already. Her brother never did as an infant and is just now learning to like the swimming pool. Starbuck is nestled in the Snuggli on my chest right now. Hethan used it twice before he was too big for it. Starbuck prefers her fist or thumb. Hethan was addicted the the pacifier. I love the differences in my children.

It's Spring. So I'm not going to spend anymore time on here right now. I'm going to go out and enjoy the weather!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I have the same fascination with water! You and I need to stop being so alike, people are going to mistake us for twins!

Anonymous said...

QE....sorry, keep forgetting to sign my name.