Friday, March 02, 2007

Life on the Wild Side

Strangely enough, life with two kids isn't as difficult (YET) as I thought it would be. Of course, Starbuck is only 13 days old. She sleeps a lot. She is indeed her daddy's daughter, and is very alert in the evenings and until about 11 pm. I hand her off to Daddy around 10 pm and wander up to bed to catch a little extra sleep.

Hethan has been requesting to go to bed these days. Yes. Requesting. Asking if it is bed time yet because he is tired. Of course you know what I do! Like any good and sane parent, I send him off to bed! Of course, not before 7.30 pm. Though this week, he did ask two nights in a row to go to bed and it was only 6:45 pm. We wondered if he was getting ill. Nah, he's just worn out from all the people and excitement that a new baby brings.

My days pass in a whirling blur of nursing Starbuck, playing with the Hethan, taking naps, fixing lunches, making sure the house stays somewhat decent, though I'm not allowed yet to lift anything heavier than Starbuck, which means that bringing laundry upstairs is out, pouring new kitty litter in the litter boxes is out, and vaccuuming is out. So I do the dishes, fold the laundry, make Hethan pick up his toys, and basic things like that. Life isn't that wild, really. :)

Today, I'm off to attempt errands with two children. We must get milk at the grocery, a few things at Babies R Us, and get back home. Today might be a wild day. I've done this as a nanny many many times. But never as a new mom who still has stitches from her C section!

Sarah Cool, sorry I didn't get back to you! The week is done, but heck yeah-- you can stop by anytime! :):) That goes for the future too!

OOOH!!! I knitted two hats this week! I'm so excited about that! I used a knitting loom that my MIL got for me! It is the most amazing thing! I'm quite enthralled by it, and may have to see what else can be made with the knitting loom! That's my excitement for the week!!!!! WHOO HOOO!!!


Cmommy said...

Thankfully, the weather will be blooming beautiful soon. I am so very happy for you and glad that the post-partum time is going well!

More pictures, please!

sarah cool said...

My friend, you just displaced a child from your tummy into the world. You won't have to apologize for not getting back to me...... when they leave for college. :-) I'll call you soon! LOVE YOU!