Monday, March 12, 2007

A Train Wreck

I've never actually seen one in person, you know. What's that? Look at the title! A train wreck! I've never seen one in person. But I've watched the news coverage when they happen. Freight cars carrying miscellaneous items bucked up onto other freight cars, smoke billowing out from under other cars, fires here and there, confusion everywhere.

I think my mind is a train wreck waiting to happen sometimes. I'd love to think that I'm some terribly complex person with all these complex thoughts inside of me. Yeah. I'm smart enough to know that I'm your average Jill with average thoughts and situations going on up in my head.

Today, however, I feel a bit complex. The freight car (look at the word freight--- isn't it neat? The rule of I before E except after C is suspended in this word! I like this word.) that carries other people is about to be overcrowded. I keep letting more passengers on this car, because really, I adore people. (I'm reading a book by Alexander McCall Smith, and there's an artist in there--- Samuel Peploe--- I keep wanting to read it as People. I am in a word mood today.) Anyhow, the more passengers I have in this car in my head, the more interesting my life is. But I have this terrible tendency to let them bring more baggage than necessary onto my train. And while this baggage must go into the Baggage Car, it's still there, as each person knows what their baggage looks like, and I have gotten a glimpse of their (LOOK! There's another exception to the IEC rule!) baggage. Beyond the Passenger Car and the Baggage Car, there are other cars. Money, jobs, relationships, emotions, responsibilities. I compartmentalize all of these things to some extent.

And right now, they're all about to go KABLOOIE! Much in the same way my daughter just did all over my shirt. Lovely. And now she's happy. Ahhhh....Wait. She's not happy yet. She still needs to get a few good farts out. The girl is THE gassiest child I have ever known. And she stinks too.

Anyhow, I digress. I think the Engine is starting to slow down, while the rest of the train continues at breakneck speed. If I should start to babble incoherently on here in the future, just call the media, for my train has wrecked.

In other news. Remember my post ages ago about how I talk differently than I think in my head? How I thought in a Southern accent, and it often sounded like my sis in law, April? Well, April has a blog! YAY! Check her out! Her first post is a long rant, right up my alley! April is married to my older brother, Jon. They live in my hometown in Georgia, which I long to return to. Alas, I must settle for my every other month trips! There ain't NO way my hubby is EVER gonna take the Bar exam again, which is what he would have to do to practice law in Georgia. Sigh. Anyhow, April and Jon have a beeyoootiful life in Georgia, and I enjoy hanging out with them when I go home to visit. I often think that if I had not been in such a hurry to have children, Aaron's and mine life may have turned out somewhat like theirs. But my life is beeyoootiful in it's own way, so I'm perfectly happy. I just enjoy soaking up April and Jon's life every now and then.

Hethan emptied his piggy bank last week. We are now the proud owners of Star Wars Lego Orignal Trilogy. Oh yes. Oh my. The boy continues to be obsessed with Star Wars. And Legos. April--- tell Jon that he needs to buy these games. And tell him to be prepared for building Star Wars characters with Hethan out of Legos. And to be prepared to talk about Star Wars constantly. We'll be home the last week in March... :)

Well, the Hethan is begging me to play the aforementioned Star Wars Lego game with him. Starbuck has had her few good farts. I've had my creative outlet for the day. Thank you for reading, gentle readers. Try not to think I'm too crazy. Just a little.


Anonymous said...

Jenette, put the baggie down and step away from the drugs. LOL! (Either that or just share them with me)

p.s. Hope my baggage isn't weighing (oh look, there goes the rule again) you down *wink*

Amber said...

LOL...gotta love days like that. Sounds like you will be needing a drink on Thursday ;) Amber

Kris said...

isn't there some kind of diclaimer like 'and in sounding like A as in neighbor and weigh'??
I have to recite this to myself all the time.

Kris said...

oh, and that was an interesting train wreck.
Dwight is all excited to buy the original lego star wars as well ;)

BlitzKrieg! said...

Yay! We get to see you! Can't wait till the end of March now. And, the next week, we'll be taking in the sun rays in Mexico, the Grand Caymans, and Key West. Sorry, don't mean to rub it in, I'm just ready for a little R&R!

We're still trying to find someone to feed the cats while we're gone. Poor beasties, they'll be home ALONE for a whole week!! :0