Thursday, March 15, 2007

Two posts in one day! LOSER!

We had a lovely power struggle at supper. Let me tell you about it.

See, we have this thing that we like to do. We like to eat supper as a FAMILY, at the TABLE. Well, ok, Aaron and I like this. Hethan protests nearly every day. Do not ask me why he protests, it's never been any different since he started eating in a high chair. Yet, protest he does.

So, me being the wonderful early childhood person that I am, I started involving him in the supper preparation choice making, so that he feels like he has some power. So tonight, he picks out cheesy potatoes, peas, and applesauce as the side dishes. He agrees that he's going to eat every bite.

Until we sit down. And then he refuses to eat. So we tell him he has to sit there til he eats or until bed time, whichever comes first. My wonderfully imaginative child startes singing, "Losers, losers, you're both losers." You see, he made up a game, spur of the moment, in which the goal was to eat as little as possible. So he was winning and we were losing.

And do you know what the little turkey was doing while he was singing the song? Now that his Aunt April is reading my blog, I can send a HUGE "Thanks" to her for teaching him this one!
I did not laugh out loud, but Hethan knew I found it amusing. My mouth was twitching.

He did eat, after 45 minutes of protesting.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! tomorrow, ask sophie how old she is now and she'll show you you're a loser!

Anonymous said...

You should check out the book "How to get your kids to eat...but not too much". It's a really good read about the power stuggles parents go though with food and how to get past them. It goes age by age, so you don't have to read it cover to cover to get the gist.

Amber said...


BlitzKrieg! said...

Awww! Now I feel like I've tainted the Hethan! Gee, he really doesn't forget things, does he? I figured he would've forgotten that by now. Sooooorrryy! :)

Martiel said...

FUNNY! That is just like the time we all went to a Reds game and I showed him the "man in the peanut" LOL! Does he still do that when he eats them now? Funny.