Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rachel and Tyler

Or Tyler and Rachel....

Anyhow. Our dear dear friends, Tyler and Rachel are visiting this weekend. We always have fun with them when we see each other.

Here are a few stories from the past few hours.

Tyler and Rachel are playing with Starbuck's bouncy seat, which is done in the Imagine pattern, by Carter's. It has interesting animals all over it. One of which apparently resembles a dog and a giraffe. Hereafter known as a dograffe. There are green dograffes and yellow dograffes. Apparently the green ones have polka dots. This was a highly amusing conversation, as it was being had by Tyler and Rachel while Starbuck was in her bouncy seat and I was making a cherry pie.

Later, we're watching the Gameshow Network channel. Aaron and Tyler were trying to think of a game that had been on TV.... Tyler says, "That one on MTV, what was it? Remote Control with Adam Sandler?" Aaron pauses, thinks and says, "No, that's not it." Pause. Pause. "I think it was Remote Control." I snorted with laughter.

Rachel and I got some good time to chat and hang out while Aaron and Tyler went out for a while. Can I just say how much I love Rachel? She and I click. We giggle. We laugh. We gripe. We commiserate. I truly wish we could see each other more often, but what with jobs and gas prices, it just ain't possible!

Happy Birthday, Aaron. I hope this birthday has been a good one. Enjoy your cherry pie!

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