Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm hungry

. Period.

I'm hungry. I've been watching what I eat (yeah, right before it goes into my mouth...) and trying to be more active. And I'm hungry. What I really want to do is go devour all of the fudge stripe cookies that I bought today, but instead, I'll have a wonderfully cold glass of water. Lovely water. Cold water. Refreshing water. Crisp water. Calorie free water.

I've lost two lbs in a week and a half. Whoo hoo. Whoo. Hoo. Two. Whole. Pounds.

It's summer. It's hot. I'm blah-ed.

I'm not sleeping much. Between Starbuck and my warm weather insomnia, I'm just not sleeping.

I think Starbuck is ready for rice cereal. She's waking up more at night to feed. I think she needs more calories. But I tried rice cereal today. She's still got the tongue thrust reflex and she kept spitting it out at me. So I put a little rice cereal in her bottle this afternoon. She likey very much. Now she sleepy very much! :)

Conversation with TPJ in the car today:
"Mommy, I want to call Alex and tell him that I have his wife (Princess Leia) and that I'm being nice to her. I like to listen to her talk, Mommy. She has a beautiful voice, just like Queen Amidala."

Repressed laughter in the front seat. Then this:
"Queen Amidala spanked me last night, Mommy. I was very mean to her. And then I spanked her back. And we kept on spanking each other. You missed the spanking, Mommy!"

Can I tell you how hard it was to keep a straight face and not die of repressed laughter? I had to call Emmy and tell her about all of this. Then TPJ had to talk to Alex and tell him that he was sending his wife back to him tomorrow. Em and I agree that he's gonna have a harem someday.

I start my job on Monday. What job? Oh yes, I'm actually putting my education to use! I've started a daycare business in my home. I miss being around groups of children and the income is a good thing too. So starting on Monday, I'll have two boys around TPJ's age, a one year old girl, and my two kiddos. I'm looking forward to it! I love kids and I love groups of kids! I've already got my daily schedule posted! YAY!

Should I go socialize with TPJ? He's needy today. It's odd. The more time I spend with him, one on one, the more he seems to want/need. It's like it is never enough. If I ignore him, he doesn't seem to care. But if I read to him, play with him, etc, he doesn't like it when I stop to do other things. Almost makes me want to bang my head against a wall.

I'm still hungry. But now it is time to fix supper. Tonight's supper is decidedly unhealthy. Red meat. Cheesy rice. Salad (ok, that's healthy). Sigh.

Very very blah-ed. Can you tell?


Rachel said...

oh ... my ... heavens ... that is FABULOUS!!!!!
Wow ... I'm laughing so hard that it's distracting Tyler and he wants to know what's so funny ...
I can barely get out "... new ... blog ... TPJ ..."

He's already looking forward to reading ...

Amber said...

That's hilarious! What are you teaching this Ahh Monday..let us know how TPJ handles it. Is he looking forward to it?

sarah cool said...

'I've been watching what I eat (yeah, right before it goes into my mouth...) "

That was the best sentence ever!!

jaavaajunkie said...

The TPJ story cracked me up, Jenette! And don't knock the 2 pound loss, lady! That's AWESOME! You should be proud of yourself and celebrate with some rice cream or something... ;) I am just getting back on track with my WeightWatchers program after falling off the wagon for a month. So, I have been feeling very hungry too. Hang in there, lady. If you need someone to vent to, I'm here. Oh, and good luck with the new job. I'm sure you will have lots of fun. You are terrific with kids!
~Heidi :)

Queen Elaine said...

Hey girlie, have you and Aaron being performing S&M in front of TPJ again? :D

Congrats on the 2lbs!!! Oh, and good luck on Monday, I hope it's not too hard on TPJ.