Friday, May 04, 2007

Scarlet Fever Saga

Yes, scarlet fever isn't as common as it once was, Sarah Cool. Turns out, however, that it is caused by the strep bacteria. TPJ never showed signs of strep throat, just the fever and then the rash. Poor guy.

Anyhow, the newest development in the Scarlet Fever Saga is this. His skin itches. I've told him to rub it if he has to touch it (I don't want him to scratch himself so hard he bleeds). So he's been doing this. Well, sometimes a little four year old forgets--- imagine that!--- and scratches himself. Making raw spots. Which, it turns out, burn like hell when you wash them with soap.

Poor guy was in the bathtub last night screaming, "I'm on fire! I'm on fire! Mommy, there's fire in my blood!" Yeah. We didn't wash his hair or anything. Just got him out and put some Eucerin on him.

I do not wish this on anyone! Tisn't fun to see your kiddo all itchy. But at least the fever is gone! Hip hip hooray!


Queen Elaine said...

OMG poor Ethan!!!! :(:( That's awful! Hope his skin heals up soon.

Amber said...

Poor guy! Brings back memories of my mom putting socks on our hands so we woulnd't itch our nasty chicken pox. I wonder if the vaccine works or not. Hope so! Hope he gets better soon and forgets all about it ever happening.

BlitzKrieg! said...

so sorry about Ethan! I will def. be praying for all the others symptoms to go away. I returned home today from Disney very sick with stomach problems. I'm beat so I'll talk to you soon!

Rachel said...

Okay ... that story was WAY better in person! Not that your blog isn't fabulous ... but the story was more - umm - in depth. :P

(p.s. Uh, where's my update from the weekend? I updated. Where's your's?)