Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Weekend, Reviewed

Ahhh, I've 10 minutes to myself right now. The space bar on the computer is messed up. Could be because I took it off to clean it today. ICK! It was quite disgusting. And I just discovered that I put the space bar on upside down. What a difference it makes to have it in the right position!

Ok. So, this past weekend was quite fun! We had friends come in from out of town to stay with us, because we were all going to a baby shower of mutual friends.

Tyler and Rachel. What can I say about them? Hmmm... Rachel GETS me. I love it! And, I think, I get her! I really enjoyed our time together, getting to know each other better. I thought I was brave, going overseas when I was 16--- but Rachel went overseas without her mom when she was even younger than me! WOW! This woman's spirit never ceases to amaze me! And Tyler--- Aaron and I both loveTyler (Not that Aaron doesn't love Rachel....) and Tyler doesn't make too much fun of me when we're playing Texas Hold Em. And I've got pocket rockets with an Ace on the table--- and I'm not raising the ante! :):)

Now, The Pantless Jedi was a hoot with Tyler and Rachel. He knows Tyler as his "Star Wars" buddy. The only thing is, Tyler goes for the dark side of the Force, and TPJ goes for the other side. So the two of them quite a bit of time arguing the merits of both sides. Very interesting. Of course, TPJ, being 4, knew he was right all the time. :) Tyler was definitely turning TPJ to the dark side as we watched The Phantom Menace and TPJ was cheering for Darth Maul. TPJ also refers to the Emperor as Darth Sidious. He knows the movies in different order than we do!

Aaron made us all margaritas on Saturday night. Mmmmm.... Margaritas. Mmmm.... We had enchiladas and home made salsa too! We played Texas Hold Em that night. It ended up being down to Aaron and Tyler--- Rachel and I quickly exited the game. Who won? Tyler? Aaron? I don't think either of you told me! :)

Crud. Time to go pick up TPJ from school. Hey Rachel, what's Tyler saying now? Now what's he saying? I heartily approve!

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Rachel said...

Aaron won.

The "What's he saying now?" thing has reared it's ugly head once again in our home :P While you two were gone on Saturday TPJ was asking what Starbuck was thinking when he pushed her in her swing harder and harder and ...