Thursday, June 14, 2007

June-- or August???

Holy Bananas, Batman! I thought it was June around here, but with the 90+++ degree weather we've been having (and will continue to have) it feels more like August. My grass is DRY. (which, hey, keeps me from having to mow it....:) ) My flowers are sad. It is sooo flippin hot that I don't want to venture outside.

Except that it is cooler outside half the time. The air conditioner STILL doesn't work right. As I write this (yes, I almost spelled that "right"-- heat exhaustion taking its toll...) I have a sheen of sweat on my face. It is 81 degrees in here. 80 degrees outside. I think we're going to turn off the system and open the windows.

I REALLY don't want to deal with the HVAC people again. Last time, it was a $500 dollar bill. And my system still doesn't work on these hot days! YIKES!!! How much is it going to cost me this time??? Bleh!

I got to go to the bookstore and meander last night! Heaven. Pure Heaven. Aaron kept an eye on TPJ and Starbuck, and I wandered around, making notes of the new books and authors that I wanted to read. Then I went home and requested them on the library website. Along with Season 1&2 of CSI, which we apparently haven't seen. I figured this out from the ones that TiVo recorded on Spike--- episodes I'd never seen!!! Whooo hooo! I love CSI.

I'm sooooooo sticky.

I think I might go get my hair WHACKED. But I like it long. But I have so much hair. Whack.

I think I have a meaningful post wandering around up in my head. I'll think on it some more, and perhaps post it tomorrow.

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Queen Elaine said...

Don't cut your hair woman! Have you ever heard of a ponytail?

I would call back the HVAC people and bitch them out - they obviously didn't fix it properly in the first place and shouldn't charge you to come back and correct their screw up!