Monday, August 13, 2007

Down, Girl

Ok. I'll admit it. Every now and then, I get sucked into stupid, trashy, totally time wasting, television. Such was the case today when I was trying to rock kids to sleep. Starbuck and Baby (new daycare child, 3 months old!!!) were taking turns napping. One would sleep for 20 minutes while the other played for 20 minutes. All afternoon. They were both exhausted, yet neither wanted a long sleep. The other two daycare children were either sleeping or resting downstairs. So, while I was in a napping mode, I turned on the telly. I surfed through the Guide, and came to VH1. Where "The Flavor of Love," was on.

Now, I really had no clue what this was about, til I read the description. Think "The Bachelor," or some other reality dating show, with Flavor Flav. And the only reason I knew who Flavor is, is because of my weekly Entertainment magazine that I have the pleasure of perusing after my husband has read it. Never mind that the subscription is in my name... but I digress. ANYHOW. I'd read an article about FF and his grillz fascinated me. So naturally, I stopped surfing and watched two episodes of "The Flavor of Love."

Oh, snap! You know what I'm sayin, man? This show was dope! Ok. No, it wasn't. But it was highly amusing. And interesting to see how crazy some people are. And how desperate they are to win the affections of someone who is famous.

What I don't get is this, "I love him," and they've known him for like, two weeks. WTH? Love grows, babes. You might be attracted, you might lust, but to love? Uh uh. That takes a relationship of sorts. Now, you might not always be able to control who you love, or how you love someone, but love, in my non romantic opinion, does not just spring up without some kind of cultivating. Call me cynical. :)

So Aaron and I were discussing which reality show we could be on yesterday. He's got this great endurance. We were at a baseball game yesterday and the temp was about 97 degrees. Our seats were in the sun. Only a few rows off of the field, so they were FABULOUS, but they were smack dab in the sun. He sat there, watching the game, while I got up every other inning to get a cup of ice and stand in the misting area. This scenario is what lead to the reality tv show conversation.

I told him that he had a greater endurance for things--- when he decides to do something, he just puts his mind to it until it is done. Me, I WANT to be like that. But if I know there's an out, I'm likely to take it, ya know?

We decided that Survivor was not a good show for either of us. But if we could pack a jar of peanut butter in a backpack, then we'd do The Amazing Race. I need something to keep my blood sugar perked up, so I don't get cranky and so I don't have any episodes like I did on Saturday at Borders. What episode? Eh, I got a little faint, broke out in a clammy sweat, got really shaky... had to sit down for about 30 minutes and Aaron had to get me something to eat. Thank goodness for Border Cafe!! hehehe.... Anyhow, that's why we decided that if we could carry a smidge of protein in our backpack, then we could do The Amazing Race. It makes me want to go to the website to check things out... :)

Whoa, I'm all over the place today. Crazy, huh? Hence the title of my blog--- Musings, Ramblings, Babblings. Suits me, wouldn't you say?


Chris said...

That's right, always praise the cafe at Borders...just so you know - the one in Crestview Hills is the best one though! (Sorry, had to be said) Anyway, I'm glad to hear things are going well. I miss you and Aaron (and TPJ & Starbuck...who I've still yet to meet BTW) though. Anyway, I'd love to touch base with you. After all, I've got some news for you (how's that for a teaser). Ok, I'm out - Scrubs is on.


Kris said...

I know that faint clammy feeling all too well. Unfortunately for my weight gain, the only thing I know to do to avoid it is to conitnually eat.

Queen Elaine said...

I think you'd be great on "Girls gone Wild" :)

sarah cool said...

Have you seen "Greek"? I got hooked after 5 minutes. However, it's on on Friday nights at 9, so I've only seen it twice. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT I CONSIDER STAYING HOME TO WATCH THIS.

Amber said...

That show is awful huh? Then New York gets her own show Interesting and sad to admit it caught more then a blink of my attention. Be careful with your blood sugar. I did that a month ago at Arby's of all places. Felt fine, ordered the food, stood there for 2 seconds and my vision went. I searched for a seat like a blind person without there cane!

Anonymous said...

peanut butter in the tube is much lighter to carry around and fits in a pocketbook.