Thursday, August 09, 2007


My forked yard--- can you see the "We love JA?"
TPJ's party!


sarah cool said...


The kids, staring up in awe at Shannon!


Rachel said...

Yes ... now that you say that it says something, I can see it. However, it looked slightly ... umm ... private? ... adult? ... at first :P

Nice pics from the party!

Tyler said...

I demand a rematch! This was unfair. I was unprepared for a fight, and TPJ was obviously not only prepared, but able to tap into a Force nexus that I was unable to find. Possibility for that include location and date.

and ...

Man, I'm a dork. Nice pictures though. heckava party, too.

Queen Elaine said...

Pardon me for being rude
It was not me, it was my food
It felt so lonely down below
It just popped out to say hello


lisa said...

lol yay!! hehe <3

Shannon Wagers said...

I ve had lotsa practice with the kiddos as Un-ka Shannon has 5 nieces and 6 nephews... the lightsaber deal always works... best $100 flashlight that Ruth ever bought me.... TPJ is yet a Padawan and not a master as Darth Shan is.... he's going to have to get some more jedi training before he can master the ways of force like Darth Shan... besides... he killed Brother Wookiee and thats not nice.