Saturday, September 29, 2007

Starbuck apparently likes ice cream. Rainbow sherbet, to be precise. We went to an ice cream place last night, after spending time at Half Price Books (our favorite family destination--- TPJ got a Captain Underpants book, I got two Buffy books, two Mary Janice Davidson books, two Larry McMurtry books, and one Chicken Soup for the Soul book, a toddler cd, an activity book, and Aaron got.... um, I don't know...) and Starbuck insisted on trying ice cream. I couldn't give her any of mine, I had peanut butter chip, and peanuts are just not a good idea for kiddos under age one. So TPJ gave her a taste of his rainbow sherbet. She kept demanding MORE! Then Aaron gave her a taste of his fried ice cream ice cream (that seems weird to write...) and she LOVED that too! We cut her off after a few spoonfuls though, despite her protests. The child is only 7 months, after all! She also likes anything that Mommy is drinking--well, ok, I usually have water or lemonade, since I'm caffeine-less--- but she likes to have those dropped into her mouth with the straw. Crazy girl!

Anniversary was wonderful. We went to Pappadeaux, a lovely restaurant. We shared the lobster special--- three 1 lb lobsters for 30.00-- and a slice of key lime pie. I was sorely tempted by the other desserts (praline cheesecake!!!) but I knew that the key lime was the right choice!

Um. Hm. Is there anything new to update? I dunno.

Someone honked at me yesterday, for not turning right fast enough to please them. That really irritates me. I don't have the best depth perception and when I have kids in the car, I am very cautious about turning into traffic. So I was at a stop sigh, and while I MIGHT have been able to make it, I decided to let a car pass by me before I turned. I drive an SUV with a V6 engine--- it has power, but not necessarily get up and go power. So I played it safe. And they honked at me! I deliberately turned VERY slowly after that. Mean of me, I know.

TPJ and I picked up a dog yesterday that was wandering in the neighborhood. It had tags, so we called the police and found where the dog lived. We returned it and TPJ was very sad about this. "Mommy, I wish that dog didn't have a family so that we could have kept it." It's time to get him a dog. He really likes them. I do too. I just don't like the clean up or the vet's bills. Sigh. But it's time.

Aaron got a haircut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you know my husband, you'll know that he's had the same hair style for about 20 years. I'll post before and after pics!

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