Thursday, October 04, 2007

Starbuck Frightens Me!

The child has no fear. None. What. So. Ever. NONE!

She's going up stairs now. She's made it up two in our hall stairway. Of course, she fell down one too. Thankfully, carpet and Mommy are good cushions.

She's exploring the outside. Grass? Bugs? Thistles? This girl isn't intimidated by any of them!

Showers thrill her! Water on her face? HA!

And that vacuum cleaner? That loud noise and big yellow thing? Let's try to ride it!!!

She is so much more adventurous than TPJ was at this age. Or maybe it's that she's a heck of a lot more mobile. Dunno which. But it scares the crapola outta me!

She's doing this thing now, where she decides that she likes something and kinda wiggles her whole upper body in pleasure. Similar to how a dog's body wiggles when their tail wags. Cracks me up!

Pictures of Aaron are pending--- he hasn't allowed me to take any yet....


fidelia33 said...

Girls do things faster then boys and the second has someone to watch do things. Kendra is the same way. She is MUCH quicker then Ephriam ever was and tries all sorts of things that are far beyond her age. The difference is incrediable but so much fun to watch them grow.

Rachel said...

Wow! She's really moving! If only we could see her ... ooo ... I know ...

Come up to the STE Alumni Hog Roast in Ada tomorrow! 4:30. I expect to see you there!

Melissa said...

She sounds like her boyfriend :P

Henry laughed everytime I pushed the vacuum towards him the other day. And fear??? What's that Mom???