Monday, October 15, 2007

Danger Zone

Starbuck should have a Caution sign on her. This is what I have decided. Maybe I'll make her a sign for Halloween...

She has an ear infection. In some ways, I'm almost glad, because it has slowed her down a bit. She actually cuddled yesterday, instead of pushing away so that she could get down and crawl. Anyhow. She's on antibiotics. This is good. Except that she's getting into trouble again. Even now, as I type, she is sitting at my feet, chewing on her daily fiber---- my computer paper...

TPJ is turning into a REAL BOY. He dedicated his toy rifle to me, and while I am less than thrilled about the toy rifle (I HATE THE TOY RIFLE), I am thrilled that he dedicated it to me. He even wrote my name on it. Wow. Of course, he wrote his kindergarten teacher a love letter. Sigh. He has about four girlfriends on the school bus. They pass him around like a piece of choice meat. Apparently he's quite popular.

This week is BUSY!!!! MIL's 60th birthday party on Sunday. Before that--- friends from out of town staying with us, church board meeting, worship practice, bonfire at church, possible Mom's Night Out on Friday, extra kid for babysitting---- maybe some sleep and food in there somewhere. Plus, TPJ wants to go back to the animal shelter, where we volunteered on Saturday. He likes walking the doggies. Except for when they pull him.

I'm tinkering with myspace. If you feel like checking it out, I think my page is:

Nothing new to report. Over and out!!!

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Kris said...

I'm not sure what I'll do when Leah starts getting around...if she rolled over at two weeks old, maybe I should start babyproofing the house little by little now :P

Hope your busy week was fun!