Saturday, October 27, 2007

God Moments with TPJ

TPJ and I like to cuddle at the end of the day. Daddy reads him a book, I tell him a made up story, we all pray together, and then Daddy kisses him while I lay beside him, just to cuddle for a few minutes.

This is our special time together. I am not laying down with him so that he falls asleep. Rather, I am laying with him so that he gets some undivided Mommy attention. Some nights he does this with Daddy instead---if he has something he wants to talk to Daddy about instead of Mommy.

So, last night, TPJ has all of his stick people in bed with him. His what? Yes, he took craft sticks (21 of them) and drew faces on all of them. They are his stick people. He has names for them and everything. Anyhow. Here's our conversation from last night.

"Mommy, do you love my stick friends?"
"Well, I don't really know them."
"I made them, so I know them really well, Mommy."
"Well, if you love them, then I love them, honey."
"If you made people, I'd love them. And if Daddy made people, I'd love them. And if Starbuck, when she's old enough made people, I'd love them. I made these people, so I love them."
"Hmmm. I wonder if that's how God feels about us. He made us, so he loves us. What do you think?"
"Yep. God made us and so he loves us. And we love each other because God made us."

It took my breath away, the simplicity of his faith. A little child shall lead them.

And then, as I'm leaving his room:
"Hey TPJ, thanks for doing such a good job of listening today."
"I tried to be the best that I could, Mommy."
I walked back into his room, hugged him, and said, "You are always the best TPJ. I love you."
"I love you, too, Mommy. Don't shut my door all the way. mmmmwa."


M&Co. said...

Oh that's heart meltingly sweet!

Queen Elaine said...

Awww Jenette. I love the comments that come during those special bedtime moments. I keep saying I'm going to write them all down.....

The Eth is such a special boy.

Martiel said...

He has the view on Gods love, and the kind that is true and real before all of the commercial holidays take over with it all. The stick people are a great way to understand the love God has for us. How simplified and exact.

Thanks for sharing your happy moments.