Monday, October 08, 2007

One Night Forward, Two Nights Back

Starbuck went a whole nine hours without eating the other night. She only had to be comforted ONCE during that nine hours. I slept. Very. Well.

And then last night, she started getting a snotty nose. Ick. Green snot. Ick. So she woke up every few hours because she couldn't breathe and suck on her paci or her fingers. And I was up every other hour because I couldn't breathe either--- allergies are causing my chest to be congested and heavy. Ugh.

I hope when she's better, we're not set back too far in this whole good sleeping thing!!!

My mom stopped in for some sleep and company. I was so glad to see her. Yes, Mama, false pride is not necessary, but you know how hard it is to admit when you need help and that your fairy tale life isn't all pixie dust.... thanks for understanding, mi mama!

My friend Mindy wrote a blurb about me on her Myspace. She says that my blog is like a daily sitcom! HA! I wish it were that interesting. Or that easy. Or that lucrative!

You know what I love about most of my friends? Their contentment. I was just thinking about my closest friends, and this thought surprised me. Most of my close friends are extremely happy with their lives. Madly in love with their spouses, crazy about (and because of) their kids, and in good places in life. Now, not all of us are there--- life takes some turns that make it hard to be happy sometimes--- but those are just detours.

I think, too often, we are so focused on getting what we want, on getting to a point where happiness is sure to be, that we forget to be happy with who and what we are NOW. That doesn't mean that we have to be complacent and apathetic. But there's such joy in accepting yourself and where you are. Understanding what you can change and what you can't. I think, at age 30, I may finally be understanding this.

Life is good. Even if sleep is not! :)


Kris said...

Good post, and I'm with ya on the sleep...
I find myself even now wishing for a different situation sometimes...even though for almost all of my life THIS is what I have been looking forward to...So I am working on getting all that I can out of this sleepless, sometimes painful, sometimes frustrating, sometimes adorable phase of life.

BlitzKrieg! said...

Jenette; read my brother's latest post on his blog. It's the "Anxiously Awaiting" link on my people list. He hit the nail on the head with what I've been dealing with lately. It's good to be reminded sometimes of just how BLESSED we are. : )

Melissa said...

Trying to be a self-actualized person has got to be one of the hardest things to do.....
Wish I could figure it out (: