Monday, December 10, 2007

New Adventures

I read my friend SarahCool's blog as often as I can---which isn't as often as I'd like---and she's insanely busy. She got a different role in her job a few months ago, and it has her flying all over, getting to see new places and people. I was a little --not jealous-- but perhaps wistful-- about her new role, because it's the sort of thing I'd love to do---in another life. I can't travel as much as she does, I have kids and a husband, and at the moment, they have to be my priority. So anyhow, reading about her adventures and meltdowns :) (love ya, Sarah) prompted me to take on a new (ad)venture.

I've done the direct sales route before. Tupperware, baskets, blah, blah. And I always seem to fizzle. They are great jobs for those who are motivated. And I usually am. At first. Then I just spit and sputter and the enthusiasm goes out. Until I got started with South Main Designs. Yep, another direct sales company. I am mega excited!!!

South Main Designs is based in Findlay, Ohio. They sell accessories--scarves, hats, jewelery, key chains, etc. AND! The products are affordable. I love that part. AND! Most of the jewelry is available as a set or as individual items. The set option comes in handy for people like me, who are accessory challenged.

Anyhow, I'm loving my new company. They offer the best support for their consultants. I've never had a company follow up the way that they do, or offer coaching calls, or any of the things that SMD does. Awesome.

So, I'm asking all of my faithful readers to check out and if you like what you see, send me an email! (you can get to my email from my profile) Don't buy off of the site---support your favorite blogging South Main Designs consultant! Not that the site isn't a great resource---but wouldn't you rather help ME put food on the table and clothes on my kids? :):) Thanks!!!


Jolene said...

Hi! I came across your blog randomly. What a beautiful line of products! I have never heard of them before. As another mom beginning a new wah venture as well I wish you the best of luck!

sarah cool said...

Awww!!!! jenette, it is so funny, I'd give up my job in a hot minute to have a husband and kids!! hehe.

are you going to have jewelry parties by any chance???

Anonymous said...