Thursday, December 13, 2007

Itchin Life

I have little teeny tiny bumps alllllll over, in allll areas, that itch like mad. I am the only one in the house with these bumps, so we've determined that they're NOT buggy bites. I haven't changed anything in the laundry (at least not that hasn't been rectified since the discovery of the bumps) or in my body wash. Yet they keep appearing. I went to the dr. He recommended that I go to a dermatologist. It has been so bad that I was biting myself in my sleep the other night. Just like an animal! The wonderful friends that I have (and adore) suggested that I get a lampshade and put it around my neck when I sleep, to keep me from biting in my sleep. Smart a$$e$. :)

Starbuck is taking steps. She'll be 10 months old next week. She's dangerous. She's a bottomless pit when it comes to food. If you are eating something, be prepared to share. If you don't share, you'll get a headache from the screeching. Trust me. I don't know where this girl has come from. She's so stubborn, hard headed, determined, yet sweet, cute, funny, and cuddly. I'm rather fond of her. :)

TPJ is worth a blog, all by himself. I can't even begin to tell you all the funny things that he does---from checking our speed when we're driving (darn backseat driver), to holding my face in his hands at night and declaring, "I really do love you, Mommy." He's the light of my life. How I love that child.

Sometimes my love for them is a physical ache in the middle of me. Lord, how I love them.

Which brings me to something that has been on my mind all week.

Last week, I watched Evan Almighty. We had heard that it wasn't as good as Bruce, but then, what sequel is ever as good as the original? Evan was. In fact, I thought it was better. Why? Simple---it had a much more spiritual theme to it. Bruce was hilarious, slapstick, goofy fun. Evan was similar---some tired gags--but what a message.

At one point, Evan is talking to God (played by the wonderfully talented Morgan Freeman) and says, "But you don't understand! This isn't part of MY plan." God sputters and laughs and says, "Your plan?" while shaking his head in amusement. I think that's exactly how the real God feels about us sometimes. "Your plan???"

The last part was my favorite. Evan says, "The flood, the vote, my neighbors, you knew it was going to happen all the time. But I fought you every step of the way." And God replies with,"But you did as I asked you to."

Wow. We may fight Him every step of the way. We may doubt him. We may feel sheepish, embarrassed, or goofy. But if we do what He asks of us---what a reward!! For Evan, it was saving himself and his family. For us, it may not be so drastic. But it might be.

I'm trying to seek His will in everything I do these days. I'm trying to be quiet enough to hear Him. He is Awesome. And He has a plan. And He knows what He's doing. Sometimes I wonder if His insides ache with love for us. Sometimes I wonder if tears well up in his eyes as he gazes at us, watching us grow and learn.

I think if you've ever experienced pure human love--whether it is the love between a parent and a child, between spouses, between family, between friends, then you've felt a fraction of what God feels for us. How amazing!


Tyler said...

I love the lampshade idea. But it's probably cheaper to buy a big piece of poster board and cut it into a cone shape and cut out a place for your head.

em said...

I can't believe I didn't make the lampshade comment! That is so something that I would normally of thought of. Crazy! Oh and by the way...My niece is just like me!! Watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya