Saturday, December 15, 2007

Poor Maggalicious

She's got the hiccups. Have you ever seen a puppy with hiccups? It is highly amusing! She just got them scared out of her---Cici the cat has entered the room and they are sizing each other up. Mag wants to play. Cici wants to eat. And they both think that I am their personal, private territory. Mag and I fell asleep together on the couch last night, which Cici didn't like, because she wanted my hair---but she won't get too close to the dog. It makes for funny animal politics around here. Almost as good as Meerkat Manor.

I feel that I should take this opportunity to write in my blog, as one child is at a friend's house and the other is asleep. Yet I find myself with nothing to say. Bleh. Aaron says "Maybe you should wait and post later." Maybe he's right. He's been right before. But don't tell him I admitted that. :)

Over and Out.

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